Rage shooter with role-playing elements


Names of Quake and Doom know almost everyone who heard about video games. These popular series the company id Software have gained a lot of fans around the world. Now, the studio invites players into a completely new universe post-apocalyptic Rage. In it the player plays the role of a nameless hero, who took part in the “Ark” project. The purpose of this program was to restore life to the earth after its collision with a giant asteroid. Waking up from a cryogenic sleep, the hero discovers around him endless wasteland, ruins of cities and have fallen road overpass. Everywhere scurry mutants and gangs, and the remnants of civilization huddled together in small settlements and try to survive in the severe water shortage, food and good people who do not get sadistic pleasure from shooting at others. Controls the new society a powerful government that captures high-tech weapons.

The plot is, frankly, boring and totally linear – expected swirling intrigue by Rage script is not necessary. Any event that is usually reduced to a bloody slaughter under some pretext such paramount object extraction. A pity, because the game entourage worked perfectly – Rage in the universe, despite its similarity with Fallout and of Borderlands, there is considerable potential that could be used to create a much more exciting adventures. The same applies to the characters, who will meet you on the road: the brave leader of the rebels, the economic Mayor, the local crime boss – all these images have long been familiar.


Going from the plot to the gameplay, we note that Rage is something like nesting dolls. “Outside,” you are greeted spacious location, move on which is most convenient by car. Doing it, by and large, it can only be a shootout with bandits but rare side quests. Yet vehicles assigned a considerable role: if you want to get to your destination well-armed and armored car is much easier and faster foot. Management, benefit, quite convenient. This greatly simplifies the life not only in the fight against the enemy, but also during the races, which are held regularly in cities wastelands. Competitions – the second reason to have on hand a powerful four-wheeled friend. Developers have created several types of events – from simple single races for up to these shootings with firearms, which you can win certificates to improve the iron horse: the engine, wheels, body, arms – all amenable to modification. If you spend a lot of time on the road the lists you do not want, no you will not make, participate in the plot races affected very little. In the end, the car – not an object of worship, and efficient means of transportation, even if just a little rusty. Still miss the race – to lose a large part of the fun of the game: Car battle in Rage have a truly dynamic and fun, in short, driving.

Shooting during the race – a normal practice: the harsh world sport

Delve into the subject line the Rage, you will get it the next “layer” and discover the different villages, caves and buildings, where he began a variation on the Doom and Quake. In the cities, the player receives mandatory or side quests, for which a reward. Then you need to jump in the car and go to work. Quests are performed in separate locations corridor type – everything happens in the best tradition of classic shooters. Arsenal Rage can also be called a classic of the genre, but it is very effectively supplemented by the ability to create ammunition with different properties. And if the machine gun, and it does not play a role, for more original weapons such as the crossbow to develop their own shells, for example, electric or giving temporary control over the victim, allowing the passage to diversify.


Special mention deserve the opponents. The hero will have to fight with crazy mutants, which the crowd throw themselves at each counter, and with a well-organized detachment of soldiers who actively use the shelter during the shootings. Interestingly, each clan of bandits in the wastelands using its methods of warfare. While some will try to undermine the hero of radio-controlled mines, others will fight to the death, dressed in solid armor. We have to invent new tactics for the opponents. All this gives the local flavor and does not allow the enemies to get bored – you can shoot in the Rage of the soul, just like the good shooters 90s.

The fighting with the government troops are among the most stressful

Rage looks very worthy, but special thanks must be expressed responsible for locating artists. The game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the time in which the main character was. Kind of the empty crumbling metropolis really scary skies over wasteland radiates heat, and the old dirty plants cause a desire to flee away and not look back. The Rage is really there, what to see. But the structure of levels of shooting does not cause delight. Yes, their design is also beautiful, but the scenery is absolutely linear. Freely walk around the magnificent locations the game does not – in fact, the developers have also cheated with side jobs. Their essence is usually reduced to the passage of the familiar places, but in reverse order.


The economic component is based on the Rage simple gathering and subsequent sale found items. The main source of expenditure is for the purchase of ammunition, supplies and weapons modifications from local merchants. Because detected components are allowed to create a variety of items, simplifying the hard life in the wastelands. Latchkey, first aid kits with different properties, turrets and even radio-controlled cars with bombs – from garbage, scattered through the levels, can be made a lot of entertaining gizmos. Of course, without them easy to manage, but the mere presence of these nice little things makes a look at Rage in a new way. Who would have thought that specialize in “shooter” developers id Software is not just the project will provide new role-playing game, but also to maintain a balance between them and the action-component. On the one hand, the player does not tire endless gunfights, giving the opportunity to play mini-games and engage in creative subjects, and on the other – are not forced to endlessly collect things for sale, to purchase new weapons.

New visual id Software technology saves system resources, but it does not always work correctly – in the PC-version of Rage megatexture scenery often spreads


Rage mode network consists of two parts. The first players to offer, of course, race. In the wasteland on the slopes battles earned experience to improve the machine. There are three races: the usual scramble race with collecting meteorite pieces and races, in which you want to pass several checkpoints in a row. The second type of online game allows you to unite with one another and with the place to go, already familiar from the story. And if the race can be good fun, and to extend familiarity with the game, then the monsters could come up with something more interesting instead of cooperative shooting. In this respect, from id Software, we expected more.

Rage – great post-apocalyptic thriller, in which the best elements of shooters with a first-person, decorated with a good part of the race. The main disadvantage of the game is the story – the single player campaign is a bit short, but the script is poor at the memorable event. But, despite this, the Rage is passed breathless thanks to excellent level design, the atmosphere and the high dynamics of fights with interesting enemies.

Rage Gameplay Walkthrough

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