Pull My Tongue REVIEW

Pull My Tongue REVIEW

Description :

Meet Greg. A hungry little chameleon that loves popcorn! Help feed Greg by pulling his tongue through a series of fun puzzles that include, zappers, spikes, chewing gum, balloons and more!


Debut output Am Nyama the mobile gaming scene took place in ancient times, though the App Store is still there products designed for the type of Cut the Rope games. But I’m not in any way saying that all these games – it is poor quality tracing paper, among them actually find several attractive projects. For example, the game Pull My Tongue, designed Noodlecake Studios team.

Pull My Tongue REVIEW

The game introduces us to a character named Greg. He, too green, too, he likes to eat, but not sweets and popcorn, and he’s a chameleon. It is the latest quality protagonist developers actively use when creating the concept of the game mechanics.

Game levels are made absolutely similar to the levels in Cut the Rope. Our character, which the developers have tried to make the most lovely, located in one of the locations, and the coveted sweetness – this is not the problem – lies on the opposite side. We need to rely on the elasticity of the protagonist of the language, to reach the popcorn and thus, for greater effectiveness, should be routed path based on the location of the Stars.


As you progress through Pull My Tongue in gameplay, new game elements will be added: thorns, gum, balloons, electric fields and so on. To pass the level just enough to reach the popcorn, but the stars needed to unlock new locations: a total of 5 in the game and each of them by 15 levels. Also, subject to special conditions the passage of the level you will be assigned to the coin – they need to open the secret levels.

Pull My Tongue REVIEW

Despite the fact that outwardly Pull My Tongue strongly reiterates Cut the Rope, in general, the game offers an original and interesting game mechanics. By the graphic realization of the product I have no complaints, but the soundtrack, I did not understand – I know it’s a matter of taste preferences, but I used to play the tracks do not like.

Pull My Tongue REVIEW

games cost low – only 75 rubles. But at the same time we should not forget about the presence of clues. Initially, we have three of them, and when they run out, the game has kindly offered to buy another. The game also sold premature release of all levels.

Game: Pull My Tongue | $0.99 | Universal app | Download


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