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When came the Dota, amateur mod for Warcraft 3, nobody even thought that she will win the hearts of many players, even at cyber sports event introduced a separate discipline. In fact, Dota is a founder of a new gaming genre MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena). Very many developers like Dota concept maps, and they decided to make their own games based on this card. There were good projects, such as Demigod and League of Legends, and were not, for example, Heroes of Newerth and Rage of Titans, etc.


Download the client from the official website of the game and install the game, you have to download, as a rule, the last update. After downloading it, you have to register here begin surprises for someone nice for someone there. Sign up here for the usual can not, but you can use your account, which you have in social networks, with no Vkontakte, it’s frustrating, you can only login through Facebook and Classmates. I had to create an account on Facebook. This was the first surprise.


Surprise number two. Start the game you will be asked to choose the side for which you will play, with the longer side can not be changed, unlike other MOBA games. Surprise number three is that which you specified floor when the social network registration, the character of the floor and you will be in the game. That is, when choosing a character to play, all the female characters were closed to me. It is, sorry, some gender discrimination. Because, as it turned out a female healer the best in the game, and it turns out the man who would assume would be a first class healer, just forget about it forever.

The gameplay is familiar to impossible. Two opposing sides, the base located opposite each other, laid neat three roads. The goal: to destroy the enemy’s main building. The one who can do it faster, he is a winner. Each base at regular intervals there are beings who were called creeps back in Dota. These creeps are running and appear in the same place with them running your hero and perhaps even the hero of your ally. But the problem is that with the enemy creeps and enemy heroes run. This is where the battle begins between your and enemy heroes. Killing other characters, you are clearing a path to the enemy stronghold.


But this path is not easy. For murder you accrue experience (where it is called a prime), with the prime you pump your character from novice to seasoned fighter. Abilities are called maps. So what do you map it was pumped during the battle, you are and get the trophies after the battle. These are the most trophies, you can always “attach” to the hero, and you can save them for the new characters. By the way, these cards will always bleed the your character and acquire new pretty hard, so you need to very carefully choose them. In words, this may seem complicated, but in fact very easy to get used to, especially if played in the MOBA earlier.

The ability of your character make of you a great warrior, but to win you have a great team and well-organized game of all players. Everyone should know their roles, otherwise you simply will kill you even look around do not have time. Each character has its own role in the team: someone DPS, which constantly beats critical damage, some healer, he’s a healer, someone a tank with a large stock of health, while others The controller. With the latter an interesting situation, he can not even attack, his ability to just a very short period of time can reduce the life bar enemy with direct hands. There are also mixed types of roles, but quite difficult to pump a hero. For example, both the healer and tank. Upsets in the balance of the game mechanics. Simple to play, you must first wait for their turn, with the other players are chosen randomly and you can get into the team, in which the 5 tanks and any dps and healers.


From playing mostly positive emotions. Nice graphics, interesting battle, each individual outfit your character, abilities selection of decks. It spoils the impression only the little things that are related to the fact that the game is still in the open test before the final version is still far away.


Prime World NEW HERO

Prime World – First Look

Prime World First look gameplay – Immortal NEW MOBA

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