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The output of each of the new additions to the online game – always a jolt to players. Changing the balance, add new features, some of which will necessarily disappear. As a rule, the addition of developing existing ideas, but sometimes it makes a revolution, almost reverses the idea of the project. «Perfect World: At the crossroads of the worlds” – not a revolution. But this is one of the most successful and thoughtful additions for all five years of the game.

Let’s start with the fact that the event Battle Dynasties reached a level between servers and there were two new types of battles:. “Battle on the Bridge” and “Quest for the Crystals” To understand what is the “Battle on the Bridge”, imagine the Dota map classic, but with a footpath instead of three, and towers that do not cause damage, but is applied to the negative effects of the heroes. The map is very small, so it’s worth to you to join the battle, you almost immediately find yourself face to face with the enemy.


Action “Contractions of crystals”, on the contrary, there is a vast territory, which can be worn by a few minutes and did not meet. Victory given to the team that will be able to keep more control points (connoisseurs will nod in the direction of the Dominion mode League of Legends, and will be quite right). “Battle on the Bridge” and “Quest for the Crystals” perfectly complement each other to win the first case requires brute force, while the second – a trick.

Indifferent to the pvp players will appreciate the new bosses who kill hurriedly even a very well-dressed group. The most interesting opponent – Lord of Nightmare in the new dungeon “Dragon refuge.” During the fight with them you have to constantly jump, not only to escape from dangerous attacks, but also to grasp hanging from the ceiling of the cave “buffs” – effects that enhance the character. A point for the jump has to be chosen very carefully, because some effects are useless or even harmful; and quickly, because after a while the boss is a rage and kills everyone who turned out to be close.


The game can now be king. To do this, you need to win in the elections, received the most votes among those who play on your server. The most enthusiastic players are already seriously contemplating election campaign, invent slogans and weave against potential rivals. At stake – not only the title and a solid cash prize, but also the right to control the dynasty. The king is quite a lot of authority. For example, he may appoint additional awards during the territorial wars, fought for the Allies almost lost location with great fervor. Or may prohibit frumpy noobs participate in important battles.


In Perfect World has always been a lot of references to Chinese history and mythology, but still remained untouched theme of Chinese traditional medicine. The current supplement this gap is closed. The system “Channel Soul” allows each player to further improve the physical characteristics of the character, in a certain way affecting the special energy centers on the body. In fact, this is the most controversial innovation addon, because the beautiful idea of alternative medicine is realized through an extremely monotonous daily quests. That also does not necessarily perform as bonuses from all this fuss does not match the effort.

But what is sure to pay attention, because this is a system of titles. In the game title, for which it is necessary to carry out the most different, but typically simple tasks, for example, to get the right to be an aviator, you need to climb on the maximum available height. The titles look great next to the name of the character, in addition, they also have practical benefits: sophisticated “prefabricated” titles (to get this, it is necessary to collect a few simple) give a significant boost to the characteristics of the character.


In addition, developers finally took care of one of the oldest classes – Zoomorph, and made them an alternative version of the form. However, if the werewolves redrawn and all animation skills, the druids have to settle for a new form of the Nine-fox. But old-timers game will appreciate that most of the Druid pets can now be developed to legendary. In addition, the druid has received two new pets: Monkey King and Harpy. In general, the druid again become strong and interesting character.

The basic idea of a supplement can be described in two words – the game has become more complicated. And not just a trivial way “more health bosses”: for example, the dungeon now have several options, depending on the passage of which you kill the guards, and is available once a week, “hardcore” mode which will cause to sweat even well-dressed characters. Players generally satisfied addition. Apparently, the policy of increasing the complexity of the game took a long time.

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