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System Requirements Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista / 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz / equivalent AMD Athlon 64 X2 Memory: 2 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / ATI Radeon HD 2600XT (256MB VRAM).

Painkiller year 2004 was an excellent, if not the best since the days of Doom shooter of the old school – straightforward and “meat”. But he was not lucky extensions: almost all additions, add-ons, extensions, and other variations on this theme, which were issued in the last 8 years, was a head shorter than the original source. Maybe that’s why the staff The Farm 51 decided not to cross the Painkiller to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, as they did in Necrovision, and, without further ado, we repeated the original, screwing to it new graphics and expanded gameplay modes. Especially in the studio working people who used to be the most original and created.


History Painkiller: Hell & Damnation takes place after the end of the very first part of the series. Daniel Garner, who was killed along with his wife Catherine in a car crash, stuck halfway between Heaven and Hell. To get to his wife in Paradise, he had to fight the legions of demons and their leader, but his goal he never reached. And then there is Death itself and makes an offer you can not refuse: to meet with Catherine, to kill (or rather collect) seven thousand souls.

Although the plot of a new hero to be engaged in the same and in the same scenery. All 14 levels moved to Hell & Damnation straight from the old Painkiller. Daniel destroys the familiar enemies and bosses in the cemetery, in the swamp, and the train station, the opera, and even an amusement park. All locations, as before, is a closed arena where to go further, you need to send to Hell a certain number of monsters. destruction means good too you know. In the battle with the demons of Daniel uses notorious of Painkiller, processing monsters blades for stuffing, shotgun, your stakes, machine gun, rocket launcher. Almost every barrel there are additional shooting modes and guns themselves can be combined to more effectively deal with enemies.


As before, it is necessary not only to kill everything that moves, but also thoroughly searched the levels in search of secrets, relics, coins and armor. For gold, you can buy and use tarot cards, which give different bonuses to the hero like a gain to health or damage. All these designers have decorated modern graphics and physics. Older levels overgrown with new details and modern lighting effects, why they look, of course, much nicer. A physical model allows not only to turn the monster into a bloody mess, but also aiming to shoot him to various parts of the body. To do this, just come in handy only new weapons, appeared in Hell & Damnation.

Soulcatcher (I mean “Soul Catcher”) in the alternative mode can suck the soul, and then entice monsters to the side of the player. Basically, he cut up carcasses dot the enemies sharp circular saws. This is especially effective when some dead Templar shield is covered, leaving only the exposed leg. Without the heel, demons refuse to continue fighting and squealing sent back to Hell. What, however, is sensitive.


It would seem, here it is a paradise for fans of the original Painkiller: familiar game in modern packaging and a new storyline. However, fans are mostly dissatisfied. The number of levels reduced by almost half, many iconic locations for games like the final version of Hell excised, and the scenery and enemies are moved in some random order. Now the game is reminiscent of some hellish medley, in which there is the same logic. In addition, the hero is not such a high-spirited: it moves slowly and jumping (increases speed, constantly jumping). And the game itself has become a little easier. Finally, the much-vaunted physical model sometimes behaves worse than the original. There, for example, the hero can jump in the window, then – no.

However, Hell & Damnation, there are two very powerful argument – is the mode of joint passage and multiplayer. The co-op shoulder to shoulder with fighting Garner familiar from the original girl Eve. Developers have complicated the task of the players: many enemies in this mode actually have to kill twice as their bodies get out of the skeletons. In multiplayer Painkiller is very similar to Doom and Quake. Destroy each other in the classic modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Teamdeathmatch), players behave like grasshoppers armed to the teeth – jump, playfully worn over the levels, strafe, collect weapons, armor and giving bonuses modifiers. Moreover, the speed of the game and the network dynamics than in plot campaign.

As a classic meat Hell & Damnation shooter loses more original: it is a stripped-down, simplified, though more beautiful version. But thanks to the co-op and multiplayer games at the friend may open a second wind. However, much greater chance of success will be on consoles. Console players had never seen of Painkiller, will now be able to more easily and to get acquainted with the modern form of popular hardcore shooter. Perhaps then they will want to pass the original.

Painkiller  Hell & Damnation Gameplay Final Boss fight and Ending

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