Overpainted REVIEW

Overpainted REVIEW

Description :

Overpainted – this is a fantastic game with a hardcore platformer gameplay, where you have to find a way out, covering all around the bright spots in an abstract world

Be careful, dodge from circular disks overcome difficult obstacles, defeat enemies and use their abstract thinking to find a way out.100 spicy, full flavor, hardcore and colorful levels with ruthless bosses are waiting for you.If you are tired of the usual game-platformer, you want something extraordinary, something Ovrepainted just for you!


You’re in a dark room dark. Visibility is zero. There is a wild desire to find a way out and get away.
The only way to see anything in the darkness – spray paint left and right. Painting – your vision and oriented in space. To put it and paint the walls, you need to close it to approach.

Exit? Enable sprayer and paint everything that comes his way. Then the rush like death, because every level – a mini-puzzle, which is necessary to understand and memorize. After completing all tasks 100 games (and it is possible to units), still will not know where to go and where not.
It’s very simple, but difficult

World Overpainted – this platformer clean water and exactly the same purity levels. Black screen, modest white square (our familiar character – the painter) and all.

To find a way to level, you need to move the square. Everything he touches, covered with spots of paint.
Touched the wall? Rejoice, because the steel a few steps closer to the coveted exit.
Touched the sharp peaks and a circular saw? You are no longer a tenant, will have to start the level again.
The whole trick: you will not know that you are waiting until you do a blind leap forward.


At the end of each chapter (and as many as five of them here) you’ll get a boss. This may be a circular saw or just blowing room that is about to engulf the square you. Here you stay alone with reflexes and logic, luck – it will be difficult.
Each level Overpainted keeps a lot of secrets, can and should be re-play, to find more effective ways. If you do it right, it will open the gates of a black hole space – a symbol of the transition to the next level.

Incredibly exciting, a little scary. Excellent training the brain for a weekend like no matter what. And certainly more useful for the brain than another clone of “clans”;)
P.S. I almost forgot! If you manage to overcome all the 100 levels, try to find where a particular subject and to improve its own record. The minimum time for the passage of the number of deaths – two key indicators assess your coolness.

Game: Overpainted | 1.99$ | Universal app | Download


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