Online action Evolve about space monsters hunters

Online action Evolve

Authors Evolve – more or less the same people who gave the world a great co-op shooter Left 4 Dead. Therefore, a new game in many respects inherits their main project, but at the same time, changes the familiar concept and brings it to a new level.

The most famous Evolve mode that designers showed all the exhibitions, the two teams battle. The first – the four thugs, professional space hunters. The second consists of one character, monster, who, strictly speaking, hunting is conducted.

It would seem that four to one – not very honest disposition, the more hunters are armed to the teeth, but monsters have certain advantages. Monster is much stronger and more powerful, it has extra armor, which can be “recharged”, and most importantly – it develops. Starting the match relatively frail, though large, brute, monster, with some dexterity can heal in wild whopper on whose steps the earth shake. Also, at each stage of evolution, it can improve their special skills, learning how to cause even more damage to enemies. Thus, the problem of hunters – as soon as possible to find and destroy the monster, not allowing him to develop, and that, on the contrary, trying to both pursuers long as possible and to avoid parallel he preys on smaller animals, accumulate fat and combat anger. On the third and last stage of the monster becomes final goal accessible: destroy important object on the map, though the victory can be achieved before disposing of the hunters.

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But this is not the only mode in Evolve. Apart from him, there are several options for missions on different maps. In one example, the hunters seek out and protect the surviving inhabitants of the planet on which events unfold, and the monster is trying to deal with them before they were rescued. In other people consume eggs have not yet hatched monsters, and challenge their opponent on the contrary – to protect the offspring. Finally, in yet another mode hunters protect generators and evacuated the remains of a planet’s population, and the monster with the support of the smaller NPC-monsters trying to destroy the sources of energy and to prevent the evacuation.

From these missions the game is sort of a dynamic campaign where the starting conditions and in a certain sense, the plot depends on what the players have achieved in previous jobs. Hunters, succeeding in one of the jobs that can get in the next time at their disposal teleports to quickly move around the map or to release a large flock of birds, which will warn people about the approaching monster. His bonus for each win and wait for the monster. The possible combinations of events in a lot of the game – the developers claim that there are several thousand, so to pass campaign not bored for a long time. In the finals, the game calculates how successful the players and rewards them with bonus experience that is needed to open up new perks – additional passive abilities, different reinforcing both hunters and monsters.

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No matter what mode you play, Evolve is extremely fun multiplayer action game. Speaking at the side of hunters, you fully get a feeling for the importance of team play. Each squad member has a role to play: one causes a lot of damage, and the other supports companions, defending their energy shields, treats third and fourth tracks down the monster. In each class there are several characters, each with their own ways to solve the same problems, so when you consider that you know all about the medical profession or the ranger, Evolve will throw you a new hero.

Monster is primarily interested in the unique gameplay, which is most clearly manifested in hunting mode. The first half of the match, you’re hiding in the bushes, sniffing hunters, trying to avoid them, and fiercely snapping when they still chase you into a corner. But in the final of the monster (if you survive, of course) finally takes place in full force and begins to take revenge on the enemies of all humiliation.

The game is perfectly balanced at least in the sense that neither the beginning nor the end of the match in a critical advantage no one team. It all depends on the personal skills of the players and, in the case of hunters, their ability to work in a team.

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Spoil Evolve only minor design flaws. As in the game with respect to a lot of characters, the developers removed the special training videos that are played when you first go into the match in the new role. It sounds good, but I was faced with the fact that in some circumstances, these videos are not included, and was left alone with absolutely unknown hero. Well if it’s an attacking character, but those who went to, say, a ranger with a couple of very specific skills, will have the first few minutes at least unsweetened.

it is practically impossible to ensure in the public Evolve games that you can play a character that interests you. It has rationalized: each team must have one representative of each class, otherwise the balance will fly to hell. Furthermore, imagine that half the players in the world suddenly wanted to drive for a monster – just choke matchmaking system, and find a new batch will be almost impossible.

Therefore, the game allows you to set priorities: to tell, for any class you prefer to play in the first place, and which are on the list of your preferences in the last positions. And then too – as lucky.

However, the Hamburg account Evolve great game. It’s a fun online shooter with lots of unexpected situations and unusual gameplay. A dynamic campaign in which players direct impact on how events will unfold in future missions, in general a great find. In a sense, this is an absolute online game. Those who enjoy more or less traditional shooter, and is inclined to team work, will get a lot of fun, playing for hunters and sociopaths who prefer to go it alone, will be able to fulfill your potential, by controlling one of three huge monsters. Unless, of course, allow matchmaking.

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