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Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company about the game

Chief designer of one of the most good games of all time (Soren Johnson, Civilization IV) is a completely new type of real-time strategy – game Offworld Trading Company.
Revive thrust mankind for adventure, going to the devastated Earth in search of treasures that conceal uncharted expanses of Mars.
Manage market spy for rival firms and technology patents to squeeze competitors out of business.
in real time no war, you only managed market processes – your sword and shield.
Thirteen types of resources and the market economy make each passing unique – control of Mars can win in many different ways.
A dynamic single player campaign evolves based on your decisions that determine the fate of the Martian colonies.
Gameplay focuses on the management of market processes, provides thoughtful players an advantage over those who simply knows how fast to click the mouse, and provides unique opportunities for multiplayer matches.

Offworld Trading Company – is a real time strategy game, where money, not guns, are the main weapon. Players will lead their young companies in the harsh economic battle for market dominance by destroying other companies, to stand at the head of Mars economy.

Offworld Trading Company is based in part on the image of the classic game M.U.L.E., so the player often has to make difficult decisions – what to buy resources that produce and sell, how to deal with the bustling underground world of Mars, what and when to buy shares.

Players expect to seven opponents – and AI-controlled or other players. The victory brings the possession of all the shares of their opponents, who give indestructible advantage and control of the entire planet’s economy.

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Offworld Trading Company is a new Colonialism

If you played the board game “colonialists”, you know – about the same thing is happening in Offworld Trading Company. Truth with a bias in the dynamic of what is happening at the expense of the simulator Exchange.

To begin with, that there 4 different corporations (roughly speaking race), each with their own special power-ups.
The first – the Imperials, who grab all that is bad, but do not have any special bonuses.
The second is a robot that can do without food, water and fuel.
Third is the technocrats who can build factories directly to reservoirs of resources, reducing the production chain.
And the fourth is the oil workers, who instead use coal most metals.

At the beginning of the game all the players get on a random map, much of which is covered with the fog of war. Chattering on the map, you can erase the fog of war and watch what resources on the ground. Once I picked up a convenient place to base – begin to build and score the most kosher resources.
Therefore, the first minute is very important to win! Here it is necessary to explore the map, resources and opportunities to choose, on the basis of these parameters, the development strategy (race) and do it all before opponents, otherwise it will disassemble the most delicious.

Offworld Trading Company screenshots

Further already started detuning buildings: everything is quite simple, on the one hand, and on the other hand is quite diverse, so you just have to see. For example, to glass, need oxygen and sand. Oxygen is done at the expense of energy and water, and the sand is mined in a quarry. Since the game has a training mission, all the production line, you immediately remember.
To win, you have to buy a controlling stake in all the opponents and not give yourself to buy What’s really cool because it’s market where you can buy and sell resources. The price for each resource is dynamic and depends on:
1) the development of NPC-colony (a small town on the map, which grows and begins to consume food, water, requires entertainment)
2) the actions of the players.
For example, in one of his first games, the enemy player that as well as I wanted to make money on rising in price the water, dramatically sold a huge quantity of water, lowering the price of almost 2.5 times. I missed this point and could not at the right time to realize their goods at a higher price

Toward the end of the game each player shares are distributed among other players, and to win it is necessary to “buy out” the enemy. That is, the time to spend a large amount of which depends on the enemy of development and its credit history =) Here comes to the fore the so-called “black market”, where you can buy different nishtyaki like fake licenses for land use drugs to boost-workers, as well as various kinds of diversions, from hiring pirates and laying under enemy buildings dynamite, to strike at the most important production of the enemy. Even with the end of the game AI is very dynamic, and this krivorukost player I even had to work hard on the second from the bottom level of difficulty: D

Of the minuses that I noticed:
– Very few players in the network
Therefore, it is worth buying the game with two-three friends.
– Shoals of translation training missions
I think it’s because of early access, but learn the game that does not stop perfectly. The translation error Interface not noticed, but the main thing.

What else I forgot to say:

The single player mode has a fight (regular long game on the map) and a campaign mode, where you have different cards in a short period to develop and win. The campaign does not have access to all buildings once and only 7 days to the card, so I still have not mastered it.

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As I understand it, the game in early access for almost a year and in 2016 to be released out of beta, once developed grind balance to the ideal. This time I can not comment in any way, but I hope that the special preponderance of the balance sheet is not present.

The verdict: liked the game, and with 50% discount good value for money at 100%. Especially lovers of economic policies, paradox development studio or nastolschikam-colonialists. I recommend!

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