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Undercover offers a familiar program: in the space of four districts of Tri-City Bay Area (he was also in Most Wanted and Carbon), we strongly ignore traffic rules by participating in a variety of illegal races. In addition to the usual ring starts here can and should quickly start, go to White Castle, to catch up with the opponent in the allotted time, etc. etc. It occupies a special place showdown with the police: there is even a special kind of job where you have to harm the police department to a certain amount, consistently destroying pesky cars with flashing lights. In addition, free cutting through the city, we can specifically draw the attention of police, disrupting traffic and then have fun away from mass chase with helicopters and to overcome different kinds of obstacles.

Present and new modes. One of them – Highway Battle, where we have to beat the opponent a certain distance in dense traffic. But the most interesting – is the emergence of stealing cars. Race in heavy traffic on the stolen “wheelbarrow”, leaving from prosecution – an unforgettable adrenaline. Finally, there was such a system, as a “Heroic Driving Engine”: it allows you to quickly and beautifully execute turns at high speed, combine tricks and drift control.


Another innovation makes it possible to develop driving skills: taking part in the race, winning and earning points fame, we gradually get new levels and increase their skills on such indicators as the braking, engine power boost, suspension, tires, transmission, etc. Apart from the races. the player is engaged in the completion of his garage and modification of cars bought on the honestly earned prize.

Hollywood to the rescue!

However, despite a number of additives in general, all that we have seen in the series Need for Speed, and more than once. And in a quality performance. Thus, the study of the city in Undercover at times inferior to what, for example, was in Underground 2, which is full of differences between the streets and the areas of architecture, design and geometry of the tracks. Immediately the eye, in fact, nothing to catch: all some monotonous, lurid and not memorable. Model the behavior of the car, it seems, has become more arcade and absurd: disappeared the last hints of realism, while on the road all the cars behave almost identically. As a result, the game can be passed on the same “wheelbarrow” that this modification will not have even 100%. Accordingly, the meaning is almost lost in the shops: it came down to tuning and styling for car coloring in your favorite black color. The damage model and their effect on the ride infinitely lagged behind competitors in the genre, led by Flatout, Burnout Paradise and GRID. A schedule seems to have become even worse than last year’s ProStreet: in any case, the authors clearly overdone with tasteless special effects and blur, from which the picture is more frightening than happy.


The situation was partially rescues the story, which in this time EA Black Box have paid special attention. Attempts to build a single coherent story in the NFS were before, but now everything is done at a qualitatively new level: the authors of “give” real Hollywood movie. They invited several stars of average size (for example, Maggie Q, who played in “Mission Impossible 3” and “Die Hard 4”), who play long staging during numerous cinematics. Maggie plays the role of an FBI agent, which puts the player in front of the task to infiltrate the gangs of street racing, it provides jobs and provides cover. Final goal – to destroy the plans of a major crime syndicate. All this, of course, draws a maximum of mediocre Hollywood thriller, but the breakthrough as a storytelling obvious to racing games: so close to the border separating the film from the game does not seem to fit even a single car simulator. And most importantly, the story is really enlivens the monotony: the heroine throws Maggie Q story missions gradually increase the difficulty of the game and maintain a certain intrigue.


However, in general Undercover – is, of course, making no headway. In its current form Need for Speed is clearly closed the topic of street racing, and the next time fans of the legendary series entitled to expect something new.

Need For Speed Undercover Trailer

Need for Speed: Undercover Part 1

2010 Camaro Bumblebee Need for Speed Undercover

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