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As is usually the case with the long-running series, in each of the Need For Speed ever more clearly felt the crisis of ideas. Underground, Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted, Shift – from year repeated the name, concept and developers a year. So much so that the new Most Wanted game is entirely copied from another series – Burnout. Well, that made them the same people from the studio Criterion Games. Their Burnout: Paradise is a kind of simulation of road bully who fired into the city, and now can not get caught. In it you are left to themselves: can participate in the race, to travel freely on countless streets, ramming billboards and fences, set records through the different sections and provoke an accident. Actually, the same devoted and another part of the series Need For Speed.


Criterion staff already working on the updated Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, but there Burnout authors tried to control myself and generally adhered to the traditions of the series. The new Most Wanted, they follow only their own rules. I must say that the game was inspired by their original 2005, which was partially implemented the concept of the open city. Now Criterion Games have brought the idea to its logical finale, and all the extra thrown in a landfill. The Most Wanted specimen 2012 also has a big city Friheyven by which allowed a free ride on the numerous cars.


Do you want to – Go to the nearest street or intersection, where various events are held. Then you and the sprint from point A to point B, and the race for the control points, and ring races, and run, in which you want to reach a certain speed. Do you want to – just raced through the city, think of the beautiful scenery and otherwise have fun: jump with jumps, smashing billboards, arrange the accident, roll into sheds and garages, bullet zipping close to the registrar. And for the victory in the race, and give out dangerous stunts speed points. If your car resembles a broken bucket after another coast and a spectacular crash, just Ride by repair stations, and the iron horse will be as good as new. Just as quickly you can change the car – just find the right on the streets. All this, of course, reminds mechanics Burnout: Paradise.


From the original Most Wanted in the new part of the transferred exactly two things. Firstly, the police race. Breaking traffic rules, you run the risk of being seen by the local traffic cop and become a villain, which was worn all patrol. The longer avoid arrest, the higher the rating of the chase, and the more police hanging on your tail. Then they will begin to block the road, scattering spikes and so on. D. Second, in the Most Wanted also have a black list most wanted racers. They drive on the coolest cars, including Lexus L-FA, Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG, Alfa Romeo 4C Concept and Shelby COBRA 427. These beauties can get only if overtake their respective owners. However, access to a car duel with ten most-wanted reckless drivers must be earned. Actually, the speed points just define your own rating. Having reached a certain amount, you can challenge the next in the list of most-most.

After crossing two concepts turned out quite ambiguous game. The Most Wanted no plot, few game modes and tuning is simplified. Allowed to replace only the most basic: tires, body, transmission, and improvements there once or twice and miscalculated. In a showdown with the police can not use the time dilation and bring down on opponents of scenery elements. On the other hand, the authors of the project, our experts say that in this way the game got rid of all the excess. Only the actual racing, stunts, foolhardiness, chase – in short, pure adrenaline. This is felt especially in multiplayer, where the competition with other players are continuously: updated system Autolog 2.0 constantly comparing your scores with opponents, fixes records, displays on billboards photos of those who made the longest jump. Break these stands – not with the incomparable pleasure.


The problem is that the game itself is sometimes interferes enjoy the speed and tricks. Because of the bad engine optimization and an extremely unresponsive management chaos on the roads begin: you constantly bump somewhere, get in an accident and hardly get in are not the sharp turns. In this physics behavior of cars it is best described by the word “defective”. Even the most grief-car accelerates, turns and holds speed, as if a moment ago came off the assembly line. Fortunately, such sensations are added only at the beginning. Gradually you stop paying attention to the primitive physics and get used to the management: it varies depending on the machine. Soon it becomes clear that steer Ford, for example, much nicer and more comfortable than the Porsche. Playing with time ceases to slow down, apparently to adapt to your system.

After a few hours of racing the new Most Wanted is revealed in all its glory, and allows you to finally feel its main advantage – a large, diverse and beautiful city where you can frolic as your heart desires. When you first shoots on the steps of the local triumphal arch, then passing the center of the city, moving out from the long highway, drive through some construction site and get to the abandoned airfield, where old planes can be used as extreme jumps – that’s when developers want a standing ovation.


New Most Wanted game turned mixed. In fact, this Burnout: Paradise, just a bunch of expensive licensed cars, with clashes with the police, the powerful multiplayer and modern graphics. Fans of racing in a big city should remain happy. But supporters of the classic Need For Speed can get their dose of pleasure. The main thing to give yourself time to get used to the game and its odds, and not send it to Trash.

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