Motor Hero! REVIEW

Motor Hero! REVIEW

Description :

Ride your way to victory!

Simple Controls, hard to master!
1. Brake / Accelerate to land perfectly on daring platforms.
2. Flip in mid-air to earn stars.
3. Perform succeeding stunts to earn more stars and unlock new bikes!

Are you ready to take the risk?


The guys from Orangenose Studios released the game for a long time called «Motor Hero!», In which a lot of two-wheeled transport, and not just dangerous steep slope, an immense amount of backflip and good dynamics. All this turns into a simple arcade game in which you can normally get stuck so.

Motor Hero! REVIEW

We have a bike and a lot of different shapes and steep surfaces not the safest move through the scene. By virtue of the proposed landscape it becomes clear why the developers decided to implement in the game vehicles operated by anyone. Fall break and you have a lot, and in both of these cases, the bike is actually spread around the circumference to pieces.



Just like jumping from the hill on the hill – it’s boring, and even a kind of safe. To your movement in terms of really bore Bezbashenny character at the time of being in the air need to do back flips. In case of successful execution of back flips, you will receive stars which can be considered a conditional local currency. The fact that you are unable to freely spend these stars, but their number is dialed a certain, you will open a new mobile technology.

Motor Hero! REVIEW

The farther you manage to get into the location, the more difficult will be the gameplay: you have to contemplate the mobile platform, and other rotating surface is not the most secure platform. In such cases, it is very difficult to get a clear platform, not to mention the performance of acrobatic tricks. But it is very important to do a somersault, because if you manage to build a chain of backflip, you will notice that the stars will pour in your pocket not in single quantities, and bunches. Therefore, the higher your gaming skill, the faster you will be able to open all the proposed Motor Hero of the game content.

The game is free, so you just have to unplug the unit and enjoy the gameplay.

Game: Motor Hero! | Free | Universal app | Download


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