Master of Orion 2016


Released in 2016 it continues to play a series of strategies, the first game which was developed by Stephen Barcia and released in 1993 by Microprose. We came second and third part of the series in 1996 and 2003. The rights to the series switched to the company Atari, and after its bankruptcy were bought The development of the game studio took NGD Studios from Argentina.

It is worth noting that now the game is in an early access. It does not include all races and gaming capabilities, and the final version will be upgraded many components – from the balance and to artificial intelligence.


Genre to which the Master of Orion, and is known as 4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate. The player will choose one of the 10 races and lead its space expansion. The races differ not only in history, but also ideology, form of government and several unique technologies. All this should be taken into account to control the race as efficiently as possible.

A new game from Wargaming accurately repeats the plot of the classic trilogy, in which once dominated the Orions in space, it is very powerful and technologically advanced. It was they who created the ten races in the game. What happened to the Orions, it is not precisely known – they either died or are watching their “children”, while remaining unnoticed. It is worth noting that the new Master of Orion adds one more race – Terran play for which can only be purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the game.


The goal of each race represented in the game – to achieve supremacy in space. However, it can be done in different ways – as a military way, and trying to form an alliance (probably temporary) with other races. The political system gives the player a lot of different options – for example, dominate the space can be like destroying all races and beating as a result of fully democratic elections.


However, the policy – it is a later stage. At the start, the player receives only one planet, and its task – as soon as possible to begin the colonization. To do this, establish a resource extraction (them in game four, each is important for some specific purposes – so it is important to feel the balance), the construction of the space fleet and technological research. Every new colony increases the amount of available resources, but also complicates life – the more empire, the stronger fleet is needed in order to protect her. Also, Master of Orion, you can participate directly in the space battles, managing their fleet – and if you do not want it, you can pass control of the computer.

Let’s Play the NEW Master of Orion

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