Mad Aces review

Mad Aces review

Description :

Mad Aces is one of the fastest, toughest and most exhilarating runner to hit the App Store!
Fly across the dangerous space, ramming and dodging spiked bricks, discovering new ridiculous characters!
Extremely addictive “just one more time” gameplay!
You control one of the mad aces as he flies, dodges, rams, blasts, and more!
Mad Aces is not press-X-to-win kind of game. Mad Aces is a game that will severely test your skills and reaction. With exciting retro-game-inspired mechanics, simple but challenging gameplay, run through the endless level and strive for the best score!


That “just one more time” mantra will be in your head on repeat as soon as you delve intoMad Aces, a deceptively simple game that finds you hurtling through blocks, avoiding obstacles, and changing up your “Aces” as quickly as you burn through your in-game currency.

…And they’re off!

There’s very little fanfare to Mad Aces.You simply choose a character and control scheme and the next thing you know, you’re hurtling through a colorful area smashing through a bunch of black boxes.
You can smash through them in one of three different lanes, but as soon as you run into a spiked box it’s game over. At that point, you’ll have to start from the very beginning.
It’s extremely simple to pick up and learn but will take a while to master, as you’ll have to rely on very quick reflexes.


Those crazy Aces

Mad Aces gives you a decent amount of in-game currency to play around with, but if you want to unlock additional characters sooner you can purchase them with actual cash.
It’s worth checking out the other characters though – especially when they’re a rainbow unicorn or an adorable pig.
The bottom line
Mad Aces is an addictive endless runner that gets you up and started quickly and has plenty of replay value.
In fact, it’s incredibly difficult to put down – even if you’ve got something more pressing to do.

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