Lost Horizon review

Lost Horizon review

Description :

Adventure game fans who like to take their action to go are really cleaning up on mobile platforms these days. Classic PC titles have been making their way to phones and tablets at a brisk pace and when you’re done with one, you can scoop up the next one right away.

One such offering is Lost Horizon from Deep Silver. This good-looking adventure focuses around a roguish adventurer / soldier who mistakenly thought he could retire from duty peacefully (well, semi-peacefully, since he spends his “golden years” as a smuggler).

Unfortunately for him, he’s pulled into a series of events that center around Nazis, the occult, and even Hong Kong’s Triad.


A return to the fray

Lost Horizon delivers its story through a series of scenes that you move through while you look for clues, talk to people, pick up random objects, combine them, then use said objects to overcome obstacles and move deeper into the story.

In other words, between its story and its method of gameplay, Lost Horizon plays very similarly to other adventure games. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. If you’re into adventure games, you expect a certain percentage of ideas to be re-trodden. What matters is how they’re presented.

A tight ship

And that’s where Lost Horizon succeeds most: It’s well-put together, it looks great, and it sounds good. And even though the main character, Fenton, is a cliché as far as adventure game heroes are concerned, he still offers enough moments that should make you smile.


You can also highlight all the hot spots in an area (that is, points of interest you need to interact with in order to make the story progress), so there’s minimal poking around in hopes of randomly discovering what you must do next.

Lost Horizon should please long-time adventure game fans, and its tight design makes it very newbie-friendly as well. It’s definitely worth a go if you missed it on the PC.

Just make sure you clear some space before you download the game – it’s 1.27 gigs. Yipes!

Game: Lost Horizon | 5.99$ | Universal app | Download


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