London Has Fallen 2016 film review

London has Fallen

Action, Crime, Thriller

RELEASE DATE March 04, 2016

DIRECTOR Babak Najafi

WRITTEN BY Chad St. John, Christian Gudegast, Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

CAST Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Charlotte Riley, Gerard Butler, Jackie Earle Haley, Melissa Leo, Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell, Robert Forster

Prevent the “Olympus Has Fallen”, Gerard Butler is back in the action-packed movie, and was able to prove that the “Die Hard” may still be on the silver screen, and the storming of the White House can show much better than it could be done, for example, Roland Emmerich. And if so, then in spite of the modest fees “Olympus Has Fallen” received its sequel, another filling, but exactly the same quality.

If you do not know, it was reported that London is the capital of Great Britain. Pass through itself this information, to comprehend and understand it, in the future, it might be you will definitely come in handy. So, the United Kingdom for centuries considered itself the center of our world, owned colonies around the world, and even founded a current United States, though not willingly. And once took up the plow, do not say that a pound.

In the sequel, the problem will begin just in London. Arriving at the prime minister’s funeral, the leaders of all the countries are at the center of a global terrorist plot, which is the purpose of their elimination. Escape only manages the US president, and only thanks to his friend in the Secret Service. Now, instead of a small, chamber of the White House will be the whole city, and the president is not locked with the terrorists, and runs through this city, along with his bodyguard.

Behind the inseparable duo explode buildings, fighting machine, people die, and not just some faceless extras and full of stereotypes recognizable leaders of the states. Blown helicopters, over the same, too, will be, because without them none of the gunman simply would not justify its own existence. All this Veselukha begins approximately twenty minutes and did not stop. The dynamics of the film is not mad, but still the action is carried forward and on a modest budget manages to never stop. Finally, believe in yourself, the director of the series “Banshee” Babak Najafi even making an attempt to remove his hat Alfonso Cuarón, fulfilling a long span of the camera one take without gluing directly during the climactic action scene. It does not look as good as the master plans for long, but it is still set at the appropriate level for such a film.

The problem just at this level. Cheap graphics, especially the explosions, strikes and, frankly, leaves much to be desired if not, then maybe something else. Swipe digital pyrotechnics strikes, but the film was obviously on a tight budget, and wait for the beautiful destruction of London have a long – before it will spread the same Emmerich second “Independence Day.”

Next – the script. Pretty pointless bustle, multiplied by the standard plot twists and detective line, which reveals itself without making his own way no clues for the viewer. I understand that the authors carried the London, but still a little more sense what is happening would not hurt, not for intellectual thriller. One villain revenge, the second simply wants the world started up (as if this world is to feel safe). Templates, stamps, banality, alas. The first film in this background look a little more meaningful and organic. He’s just a little finger sucking in search of the main story, while “The Fall of London” more like an alliance pneumatic pump and fingers. Sucked out of it a lot, but what’s the point?

Three years ago I wrote that the “Olympus Has Fallen” with all the merits is still not a movie for repeated viewing. Now, however, I believe that it can still be a couple of times to reconsider. That’s because “The Fall of London” in my eyes was the film more disposable. The director tried and squeezed out of the secondary script, a small budget and not the most original story all that he could, and perhaps made even more than anyone could have in its place. However, it was not enough. “The Fall of London” – just a good movie that will suit all those who liked the first film. Alas, no more.

And finally, a few words. The sequel flopped at the US box office, and all that he will now be able to do – this is conditional to recapture its small budget. Trikvel, no matter what we did not want to form is not exactly appear. And in general, it is a pity. Dilogy not enough stars in the sky, but every movie look good and pleased all the fans are not too blokbasternyh militants. Butler sorry separately, the year has just begun, and it has been two and a dip in the already crippled his career. Multiple injustice, or is it still the karma of some not too good project?

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