Life 2015 – life is a photo session


Directed by Anton Corbijn
Produced by Iain Canning, Christina Piovesan, Emile Sherman, Benito Mueller, Wolfgang Mueller
Screenplay by Luke Davies
Starring Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Ben Kingsley, Joel Edgerton
Music by Owen Pallett
Budget $15 million

“Life” one of the main living star-photographer Anton Corbijn brings us to the “golden age” of Hollywood. The same thing recently created at the box Coen brothers with their “Hail Caesar!”. But what is beautiful fit into the schedule of releases in Russia, it is not entirely true, because Corbijn tape was introduced in February of last year at the Berlin Film Festival, and in the world rolling out the same summer. Film critic Daria Veburga Loshakova looked drama somewhere at that time and no longer hoping for the chance to write a review, however, by some happy coincidence (and thanks to one company-distributor) “Life” was released in the Russian-taki rental.


I do not need to tell who this James Dean. The main thing to know about it most – he died in 24. The approaches to the film adaptation of the short biographies of famous and charismatic male version of Marilyn Monroe have tried many. Photographer U2, Depeche Mode, and the last ten years, more and director Anton Corbijn came to the biopic genre of heavy Hollywood star with his professional side – the actor took the eyes of the photographer of the magazine Life.


It is difficult to describe a synopsis of the tape, when in fact the story fits in one sentence. An employee of the magazine, the young 26-year-old photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) has conceived a series of photos of Hollywood’s rising star James Dean (Dane DeHaan). While it is still a few people know, and the editor of Life is not eager to publish this material. But Stoke persistent, including in their desire to follow around for Dean in his search for the right subjects.


Interestingly, Dane DeHaan do not like Dean, it would be more logical to make it out of Pattinson, but there is a certain charm and director Corbijn trick. He forces the actor to play, and we have – to see how like a completely different type starts broadcasting the manner of the very essence of Dean as a creative person and a restless soul.


Yes, shortly after this photo shoot Dean to star in several films in a row, and suddenly becomes a symbol of generation. Luck? Yes, maybe he was in the right place at the right time, in a prepared state. Photoshoot Stoke was one of the most famous works of the XX century this genre. Is it Luck? No, it is work and search, rejection of easy money for something really worthwhile. Photographer felt that I should show it is this man, and it showed. These images – almost the only (apart from film works) that remains of James Dean, and so it can learn for future generations.


Corbijn hardly counts on posthumous fame director, and therefore removes mainly for very narrow stratum of people. There is no drama and no development of events, to which we are accustomed, is interesting here is not what is happening and how it is removed. Directed by admiring profile, hangs over the landscape of Indiana, he takes a shot photo shoot, not a film, and Pattinson and Dane DeHaan thus act out as though without his supervision. In this definition, the success of “Life”: the creator chose actors who are able to surprise his game. The picture itself as a dramatic work for the big screen is in fact not. But he certainly would like to see his staff watched with bated breath, as well as a photo session with Dean (you will see this footage in the film). They have some way look that leads to his films the audience.

“Life” – is not only the name of the journal and the title of the film, that’s right – in quotes – Life Dean – short and strange, like a photo shoot for the magazine. After all, the story itself, wading through the hype, the success and celebrity status of the protagonist, tells us in fact just about one thing: what remains in life, if you remove all of it superficial. Someone everything, and someone – no. Life, no matter how corny it may sound, is very short, and we have to live in each moment. Here and now, here now.

Dean feels that burns, Stoke feels it is on the verge of collapse. Two young men in the eternal search for something real. They appreciate the moment and appreciate the moments captured.

Life 2015 Final verdict

We ought to get used to that cinema at Corbijn – visual. I want to strain, especially when we are talking about one of the most exciting and rapidly flashed Hollywood stars of the last century. I want to strain, but it is not. In his photographs of Stoke much more.

Life Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan Movie HD


Life Official International Trailer (2015) Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan Biographical Movie HD

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