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After the map Defense of the Ancients, made in the editor Warcraft 3, won huge popularity and has become not only a stand-alone game, but also a separate cyber genre, many want to bask in its glory. But if the Heroes Of Newerth became frank clone of DotA, the League of Legends, which appeared two years ago, can be called rather a free remake.

On the creation of League of Legends worked very few developers of DotA, so that the essence and the basic mechanics of the game have not changed. The main action takes place on the map where the two heroes of the team need to get through a series of turrets to destroy the enemy base and carefully protected crystals. By the base are three paths, which are regularly run on a computer-controlled enemy minions (in DotA it were “creeps”).


On the map it is located just neutral monsters and one big boss, after killing which team gets the bonus features. Similarly, there are trading shop where you can buy a variety of potions and equipment: the benefit of the money, as in the of DotA, slowly dripping into his pocket every second. Again, both of DotA, League of Legends in the weapons and armor you can collect recipes and patterns, buying the ingredients.

But if you look closely, you can see the differences – and they, too, will be many. To begin with, more interesting and varied role-playing system in the League of Legends. As expected, there are plenty to choose from dissimilar characters (Champions), which controls the player. All of them are divided into several classes: archers, melee, mage, support, murderers, “tanks”. Before the start of the round you need to choose a hero, and then in the battle it will gain experience and develop skills.


However, the champions and their skills in role-playing system League of Legends is not limited. The fact that the player himself appears here in the role of a powerful sorcerer. As soon as his heroes succeed directly in battle, increasing his own level of caster. With each step he can open one passive skill that will give bonus champions in combat – increasing, for example, the effectiveness of their magic attacks and increasing protection. This so-called “skill”, which is divided into three branches: defensive, attacking and universal. And for the earned heroes’ points of influence “battle the player can buy runes, which also provide all sorts of nice bonuses in battle. Moreover, the runes can be combined with each other, achieving the desired effect.

Before the battle, the player must choose not only a champion, but also what kind of runes and “skill” skills will influence him. Finally, you need to choose two special spells that a player, as a mighty sorcerer, can be used in the arena, helping his fighter. Action they can be very different. One spell slows the enemy hero, the second accelerates its third treats the hero and his closest allies. There are only a dozen of magic attacks, and with the growth of the caster’s level opens up new.


Such detailed setting of bonuses and premiums makes League of Legends into an exact science: the player must skillfully combine the strengths of the selected character with the appropriate “skills” and runes. Given that today in the game more than 80 champions, and they are all unique, you can imagine what opportunities there lies.

Another important difference from the League of Legends and DotA 2- there are some maps. In addition to the classic mode “five by five” locations in The Summoners Rift is a play “three for three” on a different map – The Twisted Treeline. There, too, need to get to the enemy base, but the two paths running through the dark, gloomy forest.

The game is constantly updated and supplemented, and the players recently received a brand new mode and a new map – Dominion. Here is unfolding battle for control points are portals, which are symmetrically arranged around the circumference. To take the point, you need to activate the portal, and it takes time, during which you can interrupt enemy attacks. Accordingly, in this mode particularly important role concerted action command.


Special attention is paid League of Legends exploring the game universe. In the background of the fiercest battles in the arena, they have come up with a virtual world of Valoran, with their heroes and villains, milestones and conflict. There is even a newspaper, which regularly reports on the news and events taking place in Valoran.

Finally, in the League of Legends is a system of micropayments. Unlike DotA and DotA 2, originally available here only a few characters, and the more powerful need to buy either earned in combat “influence points” or for real money, to be converted into local currency. Also, for the money at a local store, you can buy pretty skins for their wards and special effects accelerating (boosts). Someone, perhaps, that’s all scare, but in fact the system of microtransactions in League of Legends is not as aggressive and intrusive, as in some “shareware” online games. Key game features are readily available and no extra financial investments. Runes, for example, for real money do not buy.


In fairness, we note that there is in the game, and the shortcomings – particularly when compared with the future of DotA 2. In League of Legends really miss recording system and viewing matches repetitions. And the connection is not as fast: if DotA 2 beta, we almost immediately plunged into a dynamic PvP-battles, the League of Legends have to wait very long, when you find the game and pick up the opponent. No newcomer here and training system with the help of coaches players. Overall, however, all of this – minor bugs, which, judging by the regularity of the updates, the authors may well be correct in the near future.

Today, League of Legends the most popular DotA: according to mid-summer of 2011, it registered 15 million accounts. The game is one of the official World Cyber Games disciplines of the past two years. League of Legends offers a variety of maps, more tactics, a more interesting role-playing system, exciting new modes and regular updates. With these arguments, it is difficult to argue! DotA 2 will have to try hard to regain lost the series lead.

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