Juggernaut Wars: the best characters for the pass of campaign


Most Juggernaut Wars characters you will extract, passing campaign. Every third fight in it – it’s a fight with the boss, and the boss often gives you splinters hero. On the need to fight twice more food than usual (the food is accumulated over time, plus you can ask friends). Shards falls a different number – from 1 to 20, how lucky. When you have accumulated the required number of fragments, a hero to the challenge will require a little more gold.

Heroes you can get quite a lot, so let’s understand who is immediately pumped, and with whom it is better to wait.


Assassin Torus

The first person is required to collect – Assassin Torus. At first glance, it does not strike: health like chicken, damage less than from pinprick, armor, like a girl from the beach, from the magic of zero protection. The only thing he has – it is fatality, when the enemy is near death, Torus causing him ten times more damage, and pinprick turns to blow the lid of the coffin. But the developers somehow believe that some enemies are close to death, even with the full scope of health, once they see the Torus.

Thin fragile girl with a low margin of health, but high dodge (Torus no misses) or high resistance magic (fatalities Torus causes physical damage) fall under the Glaive Torus packs. Harlequin Adele, Ninja Meego, Nymph Edera, Elf Alicia, demoness Lishet – this is his favorite target. Attacking the first few waves on the path of death, where the enemies are much lower than the level in one Torus his face hidden behind the mask is able to bring the squad to the middle of the trail.


Elf Maiden Alicia

But with elf Elf Maiden Alicia situation is reversed. It seems that she and agile, with a good defense against magic and armor (although from where half-naked elf armor?), And the physical and magical attacks, and can teleport. In addition, it is one of the two heroines with a double base attack, ie, It deals double damage whenever attacked. It sounds good, but in reality it is the usual stupid aunt who is torn on the battlefield – and there bite, there is going to hit, and almost immediately dies somewhere in the corner. Alicia top players do not use.


Barbosa the Ruffian

Barbosa the Ruffian – a strange character, though common in the defense arena. The only hero with magical AoE-ful control at all the enemies in the second ability is that negated frankly weak spot physical Ult from which can dodge almost any. Bob is only if you are a fan of Captain Barbossa from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


Beastborn-Raider Miaba

Beastborn-Raider Miaba – another range physicist as Eder and Beagle. Weak but frequent attacks, powerful AoE Ult to full screen, buff the physical damage to all allies, at high levels of the base attack interrupts the enemy, not letting hulking giants like Giant Iga even wipe. A good character who is good in pve, against a single boss in pvp against the witch, on the path of death. And very affordable – collect no difficulty.


Drowned Samara

Drowned Samara – zombies with tentacles. It looks bad but Samara have any serious player. The fact that only a powerful Samara permanent health regen in combat, which makes it a candidate №1 in defense of the arena. After all exchanges heroes Samara able to hold out until the end of the two-minute battle, bringing victory to the owner (if the attacker was not able to win in 2 minutes – he loses). In addition to recovery, has a good set of supervisory skills: long pulls the enemy into the pool, 10 seconds on bringing it out of the battle, has ful-Ult AoE physical damage and control. The only hero, the attacker does not hit the base nearest and distant enemy.


Mitrael The Savior

Mitrael The Savior- angel wings and has a unique set of skills even more unique. It is not easy to collect (the hero initially has three stars), but it’s worth it. Protects the most affected ally in the battle shield against any damage, raises the first fallen comrade in battle, the battle begins with a thick shield against physical damage. All this makes it an ideal partner for Torus, giving him a second and sometimes a third chance to perform on the path of death. Perfect for passing points pve-campaign on three stars. But it is impossible to put the first line.


Magician Uryan

Magician Uryan – a very dangerous character. Ideal for use in tandem with ful-AoE heroes such as Myaby and Branagh: Ulta Uryana reduces the protection of all the enemies, allowing subsequent Ulta Branagh cause many times more damage. A typical situation in the second and third wave of Trail of Death: ult Uryan, ult Bran, go on the corpses.


Naga Kertana

Naga Kertana – archer with ful-AoE Ult, dealing magic damage, so do not miss. Well protected and the physical, and from magical attacks, with sufficient supply of health. Unfortunately, its second ability will take three shots in a row in the far enemy. Yes, it can be for these three shots to kill some flimsy Uryan Bran or a couple of junior, but of equal level and normally dressed only infuriate, and so that in response to the third shot will fly powerful AoE Ult. Pumping can be postponed indefinitely.


Destroyer Rogvor

Destroyer Rogvor – one of the few normal tanks in the game, though inferior in this respect Khan. His Ult is not in vain called “Execution”: it is not able to survive no hero equal level and bleeding, but because of magical damage – no hero can not evade from it. Curses one enemy, causing it to always get critical damage from physical attacks, so it is necessary to put the characters so that the arrow stood for Rogvor type Miaba, witch, Beagle, not magicians who can use this curse not.

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