Juggernaut Wars REVIEW

Juggernaut Wars REVIEW

Description :

Juggernaut Wars is a new captivating Action RPG MOBA game. Dozens of astounding heroes, beautiful arenas and thousands of upgrade possibilities are waiting for you! Each hero has their own personal story but now they share the common destiny: to go through many trials with dignity and gain many glorious victories. Assemble your unique party and leap into action!

Get ready for an exciting story campaign, battles with hordes of monsters, PvP-fights on the combat Arena and much more. And the most important part is that you can do all these things with your friends! Activities are so varied and numerous that you will not only want to return to this world – you will never want to leave it. Join in – the battles and adventures of Juggernaut Wars have already begun!


Did you miss the Q factor of action, magic spells, a fierce battle, not three games-in-a-row and a runner? We, too. That’s why we spent a few days in the tops of the App Store and not just looking for an exciting game, which is not ashamed to show people. And, it seems, found.

Juggernaut Wars REVIEW

Game Juggernaut Wars – a full-fledged shooter genre RPG MOBA, which draws from the first minutes of the game. The point is that you need to create your own team and make it invincible – how else to fight with hordes of monsters and organize PvP-battle? Dozens of exciting characters ready to join your team and win a lot of glorious victories.

The game has an exciting story campaign, the passage of which brings pleasure. Each mission consists of three battles, but in the end you are usually waiting for one of the bosses, and the battle it is not so simple. Fortunately in the squad there as “tanks” – those who take the brunt of themselves and “DPS” (who gives significant damage), and “frail”, capable to treat the detachment and give him new strength for new battles.


All you need the most important thing – to coordinate the actions of the characters and the ability to apply them in time. Each of them has its own unique ability that will help you in battle. All skills are accompanied by excellent animations and stunning 3D-graphics: spells are not only beautiful, but also efficient.

Special attention should be many locations where you have to fight with the bloodthirsty monsters. Juggernaut Wars will be clear even to the beginner, not to mention the mothers of erpegeshnikah. The interface is clear, cool graphics, wants to fight again and again. What else is needed?

Juggernaut Wars REVIEW

The game is a good training component – just over an hour, you can become a real pro. On the ninth level can begin to go into the arena and from the fourteenth you open the portal. Engage in epic confrontations and defeat the other players!

For winning the battle you will be given various awards, which will be in the backpack. It objects, elixirs – in short, everything that can be useful. These things can be put on the characters and thus improve their performance. Also available to perform the job for which you can get additional resources. They are, as a rule, are not redundant.

Juggernaut Wars REVIEW

Special stones can be called by a new hero, and the in-game store you will find useful tools, armor, weapons, and more. Without Donata here, of course, I have not done, but it is unobtrusive in the game (to pay to pass the mission, you will not make).

At the exit, we have another cool product from the creators of “Evolution: Battle for Utopia” and other hits. Juggernaut Wars is available for free for iPhone and iPad, and you can download it from the link below. Feb. 4 game will be released on iOS worldwide on February 18, will be released on Android! Join us, and you would not want to leave this world.

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