Juggernaut Wars characters from the magazine Death Trails


The Juggernaut Wars have a special arena for the most powerful fighters – The trail of death. Pass it to the end is very difficult, but you can make attempts every day. For this you will earn tokens that can be spent on the purchase of three different characters.


Master Hideus

Master Hideus – flimsy magician of the second row with the incredible value of the stolen life. The only one of all the heroes who can treat dot ally. It is worth collecting his first, in spite of the initial three-star, he – the foundation of your successful completion of the third trail of death per day.


Crystalloid Vern

Crystalloid Vern – looks like an animated lump of granite, in fact almost twice thinner Hannah, although it has more protection and resistance. Enemies of him crippled (Crystalloid Vern reflects a part of any resulting damage). Crystalloid Vern has the ability to stun everyone around with magical damage, and Ult, which for a long time will lead competent alignment of the battle two or three enemies, giving an excellent opportunity to spread the enemy team to shreds.


Demoness Lishet

Demoness Lishet – strong character, which often can be found in the Arena. Of the benefits – the highest among all the heroes of the resistance to magic, the heroine of the second double-base hit and a unique ability to make the enemy while fighting against his. If demoness enchant any Bran or Vern with accumulated rage – the outcome of the battle in the Arena is a foregone conclusion.

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