Juggernaut Wars Beautiful battle game


Juggernaut Wars belongs to the currently fashionable genre battle – mobile games, in which you have to collect a detachment of heroes, equip it to the teeth and send the holy campaign against hordes of enemies. Initially at your disposal a couple of feeble goners, which killed dozens of goblins – an achievement. But heroes are significantly maturing with every fight – gain experience, acquire a decent armor and weapons, discover new abilities. Enemies also become stronger: the place skinny mongrels, half dead rats and funny elves gradually occupy the stone golems, intelligent trees, evil magicians and catapults.

This constant pursuit – to go fight, find a few swords, helmets and amulets, to rearm the army, to inject new skills, just one fight again distribute trophies and skill points, repeat – pass unnoticed the first two hours of play. After that, your team finishes the food (the local equivalent of energy, which is reduced with time) – but in this game, fortunately, does not end there.


In addition to the story campaign, each battle in which the cost of a few units of provisions, in the game there are a few “free” mode. For example, you can go on the trail of death – here your party will need to consistently overcome several waves of monsters: the longer hang on, the greater the reward. Or go down to the gold mine: here it is possible to put a detachment to protect their miners, and in parallel with this – plunder other players miners. In addition, the game has a traditional fights – five times on the day of your party can challenge any other squad.

Fighting in the automatic game: your soldiers themselves running ahead themselves use the abilities you pumped them and waving their arms issued by you. But you have the right to occasionally intervene in the situation – every hero in the battle accumulates energy, and when it is filled with scale, it can give a powerful and very entertaining super-hit. Each character blow looks different: one is spinning in place, giving savory slaps right and left, the second releases of staff shaft of light, literally fry all the enemies on the battlefield, and the third pulls opponents into the ground, the fourth heals all allies, and so on .


As you progress through the game you will discover all the new heroes, and battles will become more complicated, so I have to devote more time to the party management. For example, in the campaign from a certain moment can not do without well-pumped and dressed character-healer, but in a fight to the doctor scene, as a rule, is not necessary – the fights are too short (two minutes), the treatment times per minute does not save anyone, so far more profitable to put too much more powerful fighter.

Such subtleties in a simple game at first sight – the mass. Over time you will realize that some of the characters work well in tandem, and ideally learn to use super-blows – that is, do not poke at the screen at once, as soon as the opportunity arises. If your party is a character with a bang, which weakens the protection of the enemy, and the second is able to give a good total damage – it makes sense to wait until Ult accumulated in both, and “pass” them sequentially, immediately stripping the battlefield.


Monetization of the game common to the genre that is very soft. Gold, which is needed for pumping heroes and buy them clothes and potions, you’ll get a lot for any action. FREE sapphires to buy rare heroes and equipment piling up little by little every day. Invest the money in the game, it makes sense only if you need more food (although it is enough to play one or two hours per day) or you want to quickly get all the rarest characters and as quickly as possible to pump them to the maximum. But this does not guarantee that after this you will immediately knocks in the arena leaders – Juggernaut Wars of those games where new players can not do anything to oppose the people who understand the subtleties of the game mechanics.


Juggernaut Wars – excellent ersatz role-playing game for those who are indifferent to the story, but it is very fond of messing around with the characters: wear them to improve their ability to study the strengths and weaknesses, to experiment with different compositions units. Now there are not too many modes, and three dozen characters do not look impressive achievement – but the game just came out. Heroes and eventually modes become clearly more developers even think about the introduction of the (non-asynchronous) multiplayer.

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