Jane Got a Gun 2015 review


western, drama

Directed by Gavin O’Connor
Produced by Terry Dougas, Aleen Keshishian, Scott LaStaiti, Natalie Portman, Mary Regency Boies, Zack Schiller, Scott Steindorff
Screenplay by Brian Duffield, Joel Edgerton, Anthony Tambakis
Story by Brian Duffield
Starring Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Noah Emmerich, Ewan McGregor
Music by Marcello De Francisci, Lisa Gerrard
Cinematography Mandy Walker
Edited by Alan Cody
Production company 1821 Pictures, Boise/Schiller Film Group, Handsomecharlie Films, Scott Pictures, Straight Up Films, Unanimous Pictures, WeatherVane Productions
Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Release dates January 29, 2016
Budget $25 million

There are films with a happy history of creation, there is a movie with a simple story of creation, there is a movie with an interesting history of creation, and is – a catastrophic failure. “Jane Got a Gun” – one of the most (if not the) long-suffering project in Hollywood over the past few years. The scandals, intrigues, investigations and strong hand fragile Israeli girl Natalie Portman, who stood up for the management of the project as a producer and played a major role in it, brought the same “Jane” to wide distribution. Veburg went to look at one more representative of the now fashionable wave of modern westerns.

Jane (Portman), her husband Bill (Emmerich) and daughter live on a farm. Around the Wild West, the heroine wears dresses to the floor, combines the role of men in the house and the hostess and staring at the dusty expanse in the rare moments of rest. When Bill seriously wounded in a shootout with bandits from the group John Bishop (McGregor), a woman realizes that the invasion of thugs is not far off, and begins to prepare for defense. For that, she turns to her ex-boyfriend Dan (Edgerton) and “pistol drama” suddenly appears bright romantic flair.

“Jane Got a Gun” – a vivid example of the film project, the history of creation of which will probably be more interesting the film. The first shooting took place as far back as 2013, the year, and in the rental tape released only in 2016. Secondly, the project has been marred by a conflict between the producer and director Lynne Ramsay and the latest demarche, which simply did not come to the shooting after three days of argument. However, it left the set and the famous operator Darius Khondji. Found out about it, he refused to shoot and Jude Law, but because of the downtime of the project, Michael Fassbender, previously approved for the role of Dan Frost, left because of the start of work on the new “X-Men”. Just a day as a producer Portman found the director “Warrior” Gavin O’Connor, who was able to finish the job, and Ewan McGregor helped an old friend, she appeared in one of the main roles. Next Relativity Media thrice postponed the premiere, then went bankrupt and Portman found a way out in the face of people from Wainstein Company. World premiere in Paris, where the actress now lives with his family, was disrupted due to the terrorist attacks in the French capital. In short, everywhere a wedge.

When the founders of the team is changing with rapid speed and trajectory of the project is hurtling inclined to producing a nightmare, several corrected, it is difficult to imagine happy ending. Knowing the background, it can be said that “Jane”, or more precisely from Portman as an actress and producer turned Munchausen trick, pulled himself out of the swamp by the hair. Plus the picture neatly fit into the trend of the second breathing westerns as a genre. In short, want-not, you lose sight of the tape is difficult. And the picture is the only benefit, because here in addition to the return of the famous actress and, in principle, a good (despite all the permutations) of the cast, it is difficult to find something on top. The story is simple, played its classic, directing O’Connor is not visible, but it’s hard to blame him in this, if the project was originally a stranger. There is not any specific style or chips needed today, every project of this rather old-fashioned genre. The creators did not try to restart the Western, they just took him off the classic version: clear, straightforward, like homework completed.

Portman, no matter how good an actress, not a star of westerns. Too lovely for dusty landscape of the Wild West, too mannered, too graceful, too pure. And in “Jane Got a Gun” looks like this: here’s like it is not boring, and exciting places, but there is no harmony, and integrity are not. There are many absurdities, many strange scenes in which, seemingly, the director takes something unnatural to him. Drama here, as it seemed from the trailer, and not too much more talk about it.

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