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Description :

Into the Dim is a mysterious RPG adventure of a boy and his dog. Explore tricky dungeons, think steps ahead and evolve traps. Solve puzzles, outwit and defeat enemies and uncover the town mystery!


Studios Happymagenta had occasion to delight us with excellent products. For example, they produced a rather qualitative clicker called «Hyper Swiper» or attractive and stylish platformer featuring cubic koala «Cube Koala». But their last game I enjoyed the most, as it absorbed the complex logical quests, for which you need to think about every step. The project was named «Into the Dim».
The game tells the story of a young protagonist, who, along with his dog began to explore the ancient and mysterious dungeons. The first five minutes of the game, I could not understand what’s going on here, and it’s very detrimental effect on my survival, but then everything fell into place.

Into the Dim – is a kind of a turn-based puzzle game. At the beginning of the journey we have just three points of action and every step will take one point. Getting around the cave, causing damage in the melee or a pistol shot – all this takes you one division of the action points.


Enemy units are living exactly the same laws of the game, and each of them has its own points of action and health. For example, for the murder of ordinary skeletons must be applied to three hits. Therefore, in order to do this and not get damage, you need to stand so that the skeleton came close to you, while expending all his action points.

Proposed gameplay has seemed very interesting to me, but to learn about new features of the game Into the Dim, my joy knew no bounds. In each level there are secret locations, which are designated by a staircase leading upstairs. In contrast to the typical gameplay in a secret level, we have to solve various puzzles to drag and drop objects. If you meet the challenge, you get a good reward.

Also, in each level there are chests with locks. To open them you need to go a little mini-game. I have to admit that the gameplay in general is rather complicated, and this is true for absolutely every aspect of gameplay: whether the study locations with the killing of enemies or the solution of logical problems. On a deeper level, we will meet new enemy units with unique features. The game even has a level that is necessary to take the dog – it is deprived of the opportunity to attack and has only one point of health.

In between levels, we will enter into a separate room, who is also a shop. Here for the earned gold have the opportunity to increase the scale of health, the size of the cage and the number of Action Points. To purchase become active, it will take some time. If you do not want to wait, you can pay extra gold. Into the Dim monetized through the sale of game currency, as well as through the commercials that we can look or not to look at his own request.

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