Ice Hill: Endless Xmas Fun REVIEW

Ice Hill: Endless Xmas Fun REVIEW

Description :

From the makers of Spooky Hill comes Ice Hill.
Same action filled game with tons of hilarious character demises and situations.
Dive into the madness NOW.

Ice Hill is a fast paced arcade game that will keep you hooked for hours. This endless hop game is super fun, very hard and extremely addictive. The game is set in a fantasy winter hill where your goal is to descent from it while avoiding funny obstacles. Collect presents and unlock new characters!


Prior to the onset of one of the most memorable events in the world a few days left. Despite this, the vast majority of people did not have time to catch the Christmas mood, and the reasons are obvious. The fact that this winter is still very stingy with the snow, not all schools had to receive appropriate clearance and tangerine peel only began to fill the free surface. Whatever it was, to rectify the situation is quite simple, and helps you in this game Ice Hill. Its main advantages: unobtrusive gameplay, plenty of character and a nice graphical component.

Introduction to Ice Hill is instantaneous: for it is not needed or start the registration or authorization by means of social networks. Right after a click on the icon of the application the user will see its menu consisting of many components. However, the newfound attention to certain players will be involved green Start button games. It is worth it to press as quickly as possible.


It turns out that in this part of the preparation does not end there: the player will become familiar with the rules of the game that fit on five screens. First of all, to jump to the platform left and right need to press the right and left half of the screen, respectively. In addition, the manual contains the description of all possible obstacles, as well as advice to avoid the monsters. However, they should not be afraid. In case the protection function will execute cap, makes the player invulnerable for the next ten jumps.

By the way, during the familiarization with the instruction, many smartphone owners will notice the main drawback of the game. This – the inaccuracy of the translation, which is due to the fact that developers Ice Hill live in Bulgaria. For example, we recommend “beware of monsters,” while “the frozen river slides you faster.” Naturally, we hope that one of the updates, it will all be fixed.

The meaning of the game is incredibly easy. The player will need to control your character, leaping them down from one platform to another. Parallel to this, you need to collect coins and avoid the monsters and do not fall into the trap. In the end, it all comes down to overcoming possible a longer path and install the best possible record.

Make the process more exciting – task embedded store. For collected the money during a game, you can open a variety of characters. Another source of income is a gift for passing.
The game is distributed free of charge, but inside it is a place for embedded purchases. In particular, strip off advertising will cost 59 rubles.

Ice Hill – an exciting game that will not only keep you busy for several hours, but will give the atmosphere of the approaching New Year. And what else is needed in these days of cold?

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