How to get to the diamond in the League of Legends


How to get to the diamond in the League of Legends

Tricks and tips for achieving Diamond rank in the League of Legends

Today I would like to share with you a variety of tips and tricks that will help you achieve “Diamond” ranking in the League of Legends.


From the beginning to the middle of the game your role – the forester. You should always know what to do, as well as to understand things and how they should be used. In the middle of the game – the AP and you have to deal with one or the Ganges, or with a partner.

Finally, AD. At the beginning of the game, you successful and proper development, while their damage will be higher and longer, and moreover they are able to survive longer.

Forester – is the team member who leaves his line to go kill the neutral creeps and when pick up the level and buffs to come on the line and kill the enemy.

AP – power

AD – Attack DPS

Mental condition

First of all, you should be able to control their emotions. Your psyche helps determine the effectiveness of your actions and deeds. Some teams managed to return the lead, even if the middle of the game, the opponents won 10 kills, so the winner is the one who can get to the end, to bring his comrades to the end of the game. Unfortunately, a lot of teams lose because no allies tranquility. In other words, the calmer you react to the situation and the game, the higher your efficiency in the game.

Anger enemy

As you know, anger and anger make people get up to something stupid. And that you can safely use! Angering the enemy and he will certainly make a mistake somewhere, and you will be able to conduct a successful attack.


Do not blame its ally on the team, who chose unusual for a game character in the game. Do not forget that this is a complete stranger to you people as possible to other team members. He chooses a character for whom knows how to play, so try to trust him.


Before the game, check carefully whether you are ready for it. Monitor everything that happens to you, so that at the right time not to make a mistake or do not find something that you are now very likely to help.

Change of thinking

Playing, for example, a forester, it is not necessary to follow the standard and all-scripted, because everything can change and things can go wrong, as you had planned. Therefore, consider the surrounding circumstances, as well as the development of the game. Put in its place another gamekeeper and make him adjust to you and your pace of play.


If you lose, you should not blame teammates who do not have time to help you. Sit down and think about why you killed. Spend a full analysis of their actions, in order to understand the situation and not to repeat such mistakes in the future.


Denying – the standard technique of the game, but not all of them speak properly. Mastering this technique is necessary for productive farming. Your game must be based on a solid and strong basis. Stand under the tower for finishing ranged creep: after one shot tower on them, you can easily finish them. But creeps melee need to finish after two rounds of the tower.


All items need to buy on the situation, evaluating it and suggesting further development path. Again, the way the pattern will not work here.


Push on the line

As long as the enemy minions decent amount of health, do not go blindly, push opponent on the line.

It is necessary to take into account the time of occurrence and the revival of creeps.


Plain wave:

delayed emergence – 1:30 and renaissance – 0:30

Wave with a catapult:

2:30 – appearance delay

Try to reach the second level before your opponent. In the presence of the second ability, the advantage will be on your side

Dwellings with monsters buffs:

Delay – 1:55 and renaissance – 5:00

The Dragon:

Delay – 2:30 and renaissance – 6:00


Delay – 15:00 and renaissance – 7:00


delayed emergence – 1:55 and renaissance – 0:50


Delay – 1:55 and renaissance – 0:50


Delay – 1:55 and renaissance – 0:50

Harassment – continually attack the enemy, keeping his health at a low level. In this game the enemy will continue to stand at a distance and not be able to maintain a good game.

Withdrawal from the enemy line

Warn teammates, that the enemy has disappeared. Evaluate the situation in all the lines, it is very useful. Try to guess the place where the enemy walked, putting yourself in his place. Imagine, if you will need your help. Often look at the map. You can save your friend, time to warn him of the impending threat. To do this, put a mark on the map, or inform him personally.

Learn the ability of the enemy

Learn skills and abilities your opponents. Many of the characters have the ability, that they may save a life, so attack once they have used it. Knowledge of the enemy hero will help you overcome it.

Objects enemy

It is necessary to observe that your opponent buys. If you know of its purchase, it can be assumed that it can be done. Report allies that bought the opponent, thus they are ready, if he was coming to you.


Place the totems not only when your team plays, but when the wins. If you play well, you can come and start a gank. If the playing bad, then allies can Skipped line and begin another gank. So if you find yourself, or go back to the city, do not forget to buy a couple.


The Push – the process of rapid advancement line, whose main purpose is to destroy enemy towers or other buildings.

Ganges – active way to move on the map, which aims to surprise attack on an unsuspecting enemy hero. The gang may be involved as a few, and one hero.

That’s all. If you take into service at least one third of the recommendations, it will be able to reach the rank “Silver”, half – to the rank of “Gold”, two-thirds – to “Platinum” rank. Having mastered all, you get to the “Diamond” ranking. I hope my tips will help you in future games.

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How to get To Diamond – League of Legends

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