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Hill Climb Racing

Everyone has heard of such a popular game for smartphones based on Android, as the Hill Climb Racing? The game has gained immense popularity and is now known all over the world – in the game for more than 100 million downloads from the Play Market. In this article, we’ll spend the review of the game Hill Climb Racing, examined and studied it more, and I’ll try to give some tips for beginners that will help to pass the game successfully.


In this game you play as a rider named Bill. The combination of the words “Hill Climb” translates roughly as “Climb to the top.” It is understandable, because the main purpose and essence of the game Hill Climb Racing – is to drive as far as possible by climbing on rough roads on the steepest hills and mountains, setting as much as possible the record, measured in drove meters (ideally, of course, miles).

And not just to drive, and drive so that the Bill did not break his neck, turned over and hit his head on the ground.


Yes, this is the main difficulty of the game, because in the Hill Climb Racing you go not straight and smooth road, as it usually happens in other races, and climb up the hills, mountains, sliding from the top, and the “Christmas” card even collide with the acceleration all stand in your way trees. By the way, to control you will use only two pedals located on the sides of the screen.


As you progress through the game Hill Climb Racing you will discover new previously unavailable levels for you to acquire new vehicles, which will be able to tune and refine. Because of this you will be able to establish an even bigger record, driving further and easier.

Buy it all you can for the coins, which will meet during the passage of levels. By the way, the better will be your car, the easier it will save a lot of coins, because you will be able to go faster and farther, the car will be more powerful and stable. And the farther you traveled on a map, the more is the coin in your purse. It turns out a vicious circle – you collect coins so that you can still collect the coins more.


Although, in addition to accumulate coins and install most of the record, some believe the aim of the game more and open to all levels and cars, as well as fully perfect them. Well, do it quickly is unlikely to succeed, because in order to completely bleed a particular machine, you may need more than one million dollars. In addition, developers sometimes release a game update, which adds new maps and vehicles.

Thus, it will take a very long time, but you can just play your favorite card with your favorite transport, without opening it, I do not want to completely “go through” the game (all fully open and improve).

hill climb racing highest airtime score


Hill Climb Racing Tips For Newbies

For beginners it easier and more interesting to play, I have tried to highlight a few simple tips and tricks, which I recommend to listen. Please note that they are written for beginners, not for experienced players.

Discover new levels and machines out of order, and the first ones that you like and that you think is the most profitable. I suggest first to save money on more expensive cars and levels, rather than just buying everything.


I recommend to save money on such a cool car like racing because it is very fast, especially if it is fully bled.

To make large quantities of coins at once, to save on better level of “Moon.” If all the time try to stay in the air, it will get a very good living, as in the game are awarded money for the time in the air and on the moon, as you know, the attraction is weaker than on earth.

As I wrote above, the more you will improve your car, the more easier and you can get off. For example, I do not have one car completely bled. Do not spare money for tuning.

I do not advise just to spend money on is not very comfortable levels, such as “The Cave”, “Arctic cave”, “Mars” (there is also a cave) and “Night”. It is unlikely that they will be comfortable to play, especially early in the game when there are no really good car.

In some cases, after taking off from a high hill is better to fly vertically, so that when violent collision with the ground not roll forward.

hill climb racing menu


Hill Climb Racing verdict

Summing up, it is worth noting that Hill Climb Racing game for Android is really interesting and deserves attention. Besides, it is very popular and quite common, which means that with a high probability it can be installed on smart phones of your friends and acquaintances with whom you can share experiences and results, as well as to compete who have more record at a certain level with a particular machine.

I hope you like this game, and this review. By the way, download the Hill Climb Racing on Android-smartphone, you can from the official source applications – Play Market, if you have not yet installed. Have a good game!

Hill Climb Racing for Android, iPhone and iPad

Hill climb racing: 21467 cave record

Hill Climb Racing Updated! (New Hippie Van and Rainbow Track!) 1.17.0

Hill Climb Racing Updated! (New Vehicle: Big Finger and New Track: Construction)

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