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In games like League of Legends and DotA 2 has a lot of advantages, among them – the variability, exciting gameplay, a huge selection of unique characters. But there with them, and at least one serious disadvantage: extremely cumbersome. They (and similar games), tend to scare inexperienced player a huge number of gameplay options.

In response to criticism of the fans say that in this lies the secret of the attractiveness of MOBA. Like, the richer and confusing variety of characters, abilities, and items of equipment, the more interesting and unexpected turns game. New Blizzard project, which is now finally came out of beta, breaks these arguments to the nines.


Heroes of the Storm – is quite different. Already after the first few matches in it there is absolutely indescribable feeling of freedom. First of all – freedom from convention, for which the competing games are held a stranglehold, but which in reality only prevent enjoy the process.

For example, in the Heroes of the Storm a completely new way organized pumping heroes, and it is much more important than it might seem at first glance. In the game, in principle, there is no such thing as a character level. The whole team is pumped together, because the experience of earning for the destruction of enemy heroes and the NPC-monsters is distributed between all your colleagues, no matter where they are – at least in the cemetery.


The result is a kind of spike teams, turning into a single organism, which, ideally, he compensates for a good job is not enough of its individual elements. Stronger players pull the whole team, not giving opponents too fast and strongly increase the gap in the level.

Stores selling things, further reinforcing characters, which also has become one of the pillars of MOBA, the game is also not. The positive effect of this is twofold. First, again, it is easier to understand the game. Secondly, there is no reason to hoarseness and promises “calculated by the IP” argue chatting due creep, finished off, “not the” hero.


Improving skills is also arranged much more transparent and easier to use than in other games. Every few levels of Heroes of the Storm offers several upgrades with tangible and understandable effects. This approach does not limit the creative freedom to the player, because the number of possible builds is still very large, but it helps to better navigate the event and make more informed decisions about how to act your character.

Solved in Heroes of the Storm and another major problem that competitors usually turn a blind eye. In most MOBA game mode basically always takes place on the same map. Those fans, and it has a ready answer ( “play the chess centuries on the same board!”), But the developers of Heroes of the Storm, he did not accept. Therefore, in their game of cards a lot, and they differ not only topographically.

On each card there is a possibility to fulfill certain conditions, gain an advantage over opponents. For example, to bribe the captain moored immediately pirate ship and to fire on enemy fortifications from guns, or capture two magical chapel and turn one of his teammates into a huge dragon knight. All this makes the game an additional variety and does not give her boring.


Another important (and perhaps even the – most important) Unlike Heroes of the Storm is that it is much more dynamic and unexpected competitors. It does not welcome players who have fifteen minutes to pick up at a footpath next level. Good teammate responds quickly to changes in the situation on the map and constantly comes to the aid of allies. Therefore, almost every game is rapidly turning into a series of fierce fighting five for five. Obviously, to play in this format is much more fun.

Given that developers Heroes of the Storm, by clearing the game from the husk, have kept it all that makes the genre so much fun, it and pulls called ideal online game. It is flexible and versatile, so that she would like to come back again and again, but at the same time, quite friendly and nice to give pleasure even the most experienced fighters. It would still have to learn to play, and if you’ve never encountered anything like this, you will be hard at times, but if Dota 2 and League of Legends is a vicious sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket”, the Heroes of the Storm – friendly trainer in a good gym. It is made so that you have achieved the goal, not the procedure simply.

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