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Dota 2’s success, which gathered the whole army of fans before the release spurs game publishers to produce new variations on the same theme. Noble mission to transport a difficult genre to console took over the company Warner Brothers. It is adding to the popular concept even more popular license ( “Lord of the Rings” Peter Jackson), she called the resulting product Guardians of Middle-Earth and released it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The basic principles of the genre in the console version remains unchanged. There are two bases having three paths, paved through the dense forest. Each path on both sides of several guard towers and automatically generating on the basis at regular intervals of time the soldiers who are coming forward, attacking enemies and trying to destroy the buildings. The player’s task – using it as a cover for the army, to get his team to the opposite end of the map and destroy the central building. Just now to all those involved, relatively speaking, not the Pudge, Bane and the Moon Queen, and Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas.


The nuances of the gameplay the developers have borrowed in the League of Legends. When the game offers click on Select, at any time to instantly teleport to the base, I remember in the first place the game: in some Dota 2 for the same have to buy a special scroll. Clearly noticeable impact LoL in the “zone” system: the player has a few (first one) tapes, in which you can insert the relics and precious stones that bestow certain bonuses. In League of Legends just have to tinker with the battles between the glasses and skill runes.

Management – almost block the main stone of the genre in the implementation on consoles – decided in Guardians of Middle-Earth is quite simple: to take advantage of any capacity available to your hero, you need to hold down one of the four buttons to the right on the controller, take aim with the help of which appeared tips on earth and release the button, giving the command to cast a spell. Simple attacks are carried out in much the same: pinch R2, and then on the ground there is “scope”, which need to impose on the enemy, and one of the most important things in the game – at the same time to attack as many opponents as possible. The control circuit is quite reasonable, but in a big fight because it is often the problem starts. Try, for example, to analyze where your sight and there where he’s looking, trying to finish in a large pile fidgety opponent.


The game was pretty arcade. Say it in principle, there is no such thing as “mana”. Spells and abilities can enjoy all you like, the main thing to have time to be reset timers attached to them. Even the card seems to be considerably more compact than usual, but in secluded corners of her hidden magic green flowers, quickly restoring a part of health. The Guardians of Middle-Earth often there is generally no reason to come back from the front to the base, because they buy during combat do not need (and not allowed), with “life” issues almost never happens, but more stomping back, in principle, and not for nothing. In general, everything is done for you as much as possible and fight as little bother.

Alas, without the problems still not done. To begin with, the Guardians of Middle-Earth is very monotonous. Abilities have different characters often seem to be working at all sorts of potions and gems about one thing only different figures. In general, developers are not corny enough fantasy. If the same Dota 2 – it is a tangle of overlapping, reinforcing and weakening each other’s abilities, then Guardians of Middle-Earth boring and predictable. In addition, it looks very presentable. And this, believe me, very serious claim: if you expect that players will be many hundreds of hours to spend on a single card, as is customary in the genre, it would be nice to make this card even pretty. But the designers of this was not enough, so to have to fight in a dull gray forest made by means of repeated copying of three trees.


But even that could endure, if you, say, do not play on the PC, but would like to know, what is the MOBA and what it ate. Guardians of Middle-Earth – game made without much inspiration, but a basic understanding of the genre and gives quite come as a kind of textbook, for lack of a more successful models. But, firstly, who currently do not have a computer that can run at least the same League of Legends? And secondly, there are also technical problems, which do not suffer want. During the game, we constantly harassed lags participants matches often unclipped (I think not on their own), and the most expressive was the episode where at the end of the next match, literally on the screen with the word “WIN!” Prefix suddenly disconnected from the server and reported : since you kicked in the private affair of the battle will be recorded on, and with experience you can say goodbye for him.

Most importantly, what it exasperated Guardians of Middle-Earth, – it is shameful to a small number of players. Comes to the fact that the game for a long time may not be possible to study in earnest, as it is typed wishing is not enough and you have to play in a lightweight mode, where the program is waiting for the connection of all ten participants of the match, and fills in some time vacant positions bots. Multiplayer game that no one with whom to play – it’s not even a diagnosis, it is a sentence.


Guardians of Middle-Earth still important, at least as one of the first attempts of creating a console MOBA. And in particular the developers even managed to achieve some success. But in general, it is crude, wildly buggy game in which, moreover, it is very difficult to find a company. Given all this, sometimes even want to shake the hand of developers: ask for it all the money, when the competition in the first place, with free or shareware games, need a special courage.

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