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The Google search engine has gained in recent great popularity (40% of search traffic part of Google) due to its flexibility, ease of use and a huge range of support tools and services. All these qualities are brought out in this search engine leaders such services.

the company became «Google+» project is one of the most successful developments. This model of social network that allows you to integrate the participants according to their interests, hobbies, or any individual events, allows video calls, chat online chat and mobile mode. Its main difference from similar social networking sites is the relative ease of the registration process and at least provide the necessary information. Today there are more than 1.8 million. Runet users with an account on Google+ service.

The basis of «Google+» and the main principles of the work was the possibility of creating the so-called circle of friends, or interest groups. In other words, it is the formation of communication, where the participants are united in one cluster and independently determine which of the participants will have access to this or that information, files, or applications. The service also is useful to those users who because of the nature of their profession, are able and willing to share your product to potential consumers of services, or other material.

How to register on Google+

Registration in the «Google+» service begins with the creation account in the overall Google. To do this, enter the address and fill out a form with relevant information. When account registration is generated your mail Gmail address, this service is the development of Google and included all Google applications. Note that when registering you can use another e-mail from other email services. In this case, the form will undergo minor changes.

When creating your account, you have the opportunity to use a variety of Google services without additional registration.

After successfully creating an account, the user can add their own photos, edit contact information about yourself, edit the calendar of planned activities and engage in a variety of community or circles, as described previously.

Search and add friends on Google+

Adding to the circle of friends is done by searching for them by name and surname in the appropriate section of the search. It is also possible to find colleagues in a particular field of activity or for specific life events, for example, will not be difficult to find a classmate, previously stating the school and the region in which you studied together, or on the name of the company where ever worked may find their familiar colleague.

Once you’ve found the right person simply click the mouse button on their profile on the “Subscribe” or “Add to circles” and you can start chatting with your friend, colleague or classmate.

Create and manage circles

It does not pose any difficulty to create a circle of communication on interest. To do this, in the same section, “People” go under “Your circles” and pressing the “+” icon to create a circle of friends with the same interests. Default provides 4 types of communities – “Family”, “Friends”, “Friends” and “Subscription”. The names of these circles can be edited, for which you must click on one of them and clicking the “Change circle” to enter the desired name for it.

In addition, under “People” have the ability to track which of the circles you belong to other users.

Adding friends in any of the circles can be simply by dragging the selected profile in human terms, and convenient function Import contacts from other services allow you to quickly replenish their circles of friends.

An interesting application «Change Circle Images for Google+ Plus» will allow you to diversify the allocation of graphic circles and add zest to your account by selecting the appropriate images for the selection of a particular circle.

privacy management allows you to hide your information from unwanted social circle and to limit, for example, only the availability of phone numbers or email addresses. public information about the user level is set directly during registration.

Management own profile

Making your own profile allows you to make your online identity unique and easily recognizable. Visualize you as the interlocutor begins with the selection of your pictures, which will be reflected in your friends or colleagues. To do this, move the cursor to your photo’s location and clicking on “Change profile picture” to select the appropriate picture. Similarly, action can change the background of your profile, or the so-called page cover.

After setting the desired result it is possible to see how your profile is reflected from other users, which put a mark in front of the top left of the screen “..for all” in the “View profile as”.

In his profile, there is a convenient function of management surveys among members of a particular circle. You can by asking questions to determine this or that tendency of his friends to specific interests, and depending on the results, perhaps moving them into other, more appropriate, community, giving you the ability to filtration in order to communicate.

Feed on Google+

For events taking place in the world service “Google+” allows you to observe in the “Feed” section. Your friends can share information and get them interested in post reviews. Possible option to subscribe to news feeds depending on your interests and social circle. This principle is used in the Twitter-is, and has established itself as the most functional and efficient way of getting information.

Ability to filter the news from certain circles allows you to keep abreast of the events only on topics that interest you, not clogging up the information space in other publications. Also, to avoid congestion tape may set the maximum number of news both from a certain circle and of the entire tape.

Additional features allow you to post in their website or excerpts full news feed from the «Google+» account. Getting the code for placing a post on the web page, it is possible by clicking on the icon with the pointer in the entry and select the desired item from the menu.

The ability to transfer both the news and the individual records of the tape media provides a relatively recent addition to the service – Google Translate for Google+. To translate word database used Google Translate service data.

Communication via Hangouts

In Hangouts section provides an opportunity to share their photos, short messages and video call with all who have a Google Account. In the case of absence of the account from your friend, he will be sent an email with an invitation to hold a video call. For the best video broadcast can be seen on the air and leave your comments. It is possible to communicate with multiple users.

Variants of communication between users using Hangouts features:

  • chat (traditional opportunity to correspond with their interlocutors);
  • Videoconference (chat using a webcam);
  • phone calls;
  • short messages;

While video conferencing is possible to take screenshots, which you simply click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen and share them with your friends or to post on its website.

Photos on Google+

«Google+» allows startup and saving your photos and videos taken with your mobile device or downloaded from desktop computers and laptops. By default, your photos may be available only for the account holder, but on the basis of the provided access contained material can be found and other users of the service.

Pictures are loaded manually or with an automatic service can be edited in terms of size – standard and original. The first are more suitable for posting on the Internet, and the second option for printing. Note that standard size pictures may be loaded into account their unlimited source unlike pictures. This is due to the large size of source files.

Do users with whom you have shared access to your photo collection, it is possible to download photos, but is also possible for a ban on downloading from the copyright owner, in this case, the images will be available only in playback mode.

In the toolbox, there is the ability to add a variety of effects and editing photos, adding this service function of a small graphics editor, and a search function for images will determine the place of photography work.

Universal input with Google+

Developers «Google+» made it possible for the owners of accounts to log in and enter the third-party websites without registering them, using the information contained in the «Google+» account. This, above all, saves time and eliminates the need to once again fill the bulk registration form. These third party sites may include other social networks, games or news sites, resources containing the music or video.

Google+ Safety

Service «Google+» has a multi-layered security of the information contained in the participant’s profile, as well as a dynamic password protection and other unique components account. The possibility of replacing the password is provided at any time.
Two-step verification at sign-in is another confirmation of the administration focusing on security in the information field. This feature is not available by default and is activated by the user. Step Verification Mechanism is, in addition to specifying the input password, making the resulting code on the mobile phone as an additional password that allows you to verify the authenticity of the user.

The service also offers to install a particular computer as trusted. This function provides no need for confirmation of the password each time you log in to your account, but you must be sure that access to this computer is only for him, otherwise not responsible for the security of information.

Personal information management and operations account

Data management allows you to personally manage these or other settings in your account, choose the optimal format of an application and the size of the space available for storing information. For example, when registering the user with free limit on the amount of content (15 megabytes), but if desired, it is possible to increase this amount, but the service is already in the paid section of the service – the function “change rate”.

You can delete your account, but the procedure should be treated with special attention, since the information and contacts in the account are disappearing forever, and available pending financial transactions must be closed.

It can be concluded that the «Google+» today is a very powerful service with a variety of tools and features. Developers and Administration Google constantly replenish a portfolio of additional features and improve the existing tools.

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