Geometry Wars 3 REVIEW

Geometry Wars 3 REVIEW

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Few people know that in the past Geometry Wars was born from the built-in Project Gotham Racing 2 modest option to test the gamepad Xbox. It would seem that interesting things can be shooting in a circular flat geometric shapes? It’s all about dynamics. I still remember the delight of the “living” reaction of the playing field on every shot and explosion effects from bright and smartly flying into its constituent parts of figures in the first Geometry Wars, which appeared in 2010. But Geometry Wars 3 added the third dimension, the dynamics of increased order of magnitude, and the picture quality – for two.


The game is a twin-stick shooter, in which one of the control sticks (virtual joystick) is responsible for the movement of a spacecraft, and the second – for the line of fire. The big problem of this kind of toys, especially in the case of the touch controls that hard to accurately aim at enemies, especially if there are dozens and attack from all sides at once. The Geometry Wars 3 it is solved at the root, and avtopritselivanie avtostrelboy. That is, the spacecraft itself shooting the enemies, it is worth it to get into range cannons.
At first glance it may seem that it is too easy gameplay and play becomes just boring. But believe me, just seems so until until zasyadesh for the game itself. Developers accurately calculated avtopritselivaniya system and rate of fire guns, so that this feature only improves the gameplay, making it much more comfortable to the touch device than any other analog.

In terms of level design reminiscent of Geometry Wars 3 Super Stardust Delta c PS Vita and PS3. Courageous spacecraft flies with great speed in the orbit of a relatively compact object, which is in the process of spinning wildly under the stern. In the case referred to the console it was only a toy of sorts of planets. The Geometry Wars 3 is the same all sorts of shapes, such as cylinder, cube, flat bounded surface, craters, bowling – the mass of options and in the dynamics of all of them look very bright. From explosions and gunfire and dent the surface of the grates, the prospect is constantly changing, the figure below you rotate enemies from all sides climb, forming a bright flash of light. Just extravaganza for the eyes.


In addition, it is also a spectacle for the ears. The game chic with splashes of electronic soundtrack trance, house, dubstep and other related styles.

Naturally, only one banal annihilation of all villains angular forms for the points here is not enough. Rather, the main purpose, of course, to score the most points ever, but will do so in different ways and in different conditions. A choice of several versions of the game, from the classic straight Rubilovo the account, up to a full-fledged campaign with hundreds of levels and a set of mega-bosses.

The main condition for successful completion of level – to earn a certain number of points, and here there are three grades by the number of stars that can be obtained for successful completion of levels. For stars soprovozhdayuschiedrony open (to shoot, pressing, sucked into the black hole of enemies, collect power-ups, and so on. P.) And the superpowers (megabomba, mines, etc.). Also at the level of mined crystals, which allow the pump drones and superpowers.

Conditions in each level may also vary. For example, in one life are endless, but it is necessary to have time to get a certain number of points in the allotted time. On the other – only one life, but is not limited to the game. The third can not shoot at all, but you can blow up mines, flying through the detonator and thus destroy the enemies flying around. At the fourth level, there are major forms of hostile, referring to which the ship explodes. Even more fun, if these forms move. There are separated levels, when you have to navigate between their areas through portals, and often have to ride as enemies appear in different zones. If you hesitated, then did not have time to collect the required number of points.

By the way, the system is a set of points is not quite common. During the execution of each foe seemingly give a little, and at first it seems that is simply unrealistic to collect the required number of points. But from each defeated enemy are crystals, which act as a multiplier – collect 10 crystals, increased the number of points gained by 10 times, has collected 100 – increased by 100 times, and so on. D. These crystals allow the pump drones and the ability of the ship, as I I mentioned above.

Graphically, the game is just gorgeous. This is the rare case where the mobile looks like the original port on the PC, and large consoles. It is better to see it live:

As a result, before you the best twin-stick shooter for iOS, which is definitely worth the money very tangible. But do not uncovering purse. Occasionally the game gets into the lists of sales, so stay tuned for our Subject Headings.

Game: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved | 9.99$ | Universal app | Download


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