Geometry Race REVIEW

Geometry Race REVIEW

Description :

This game is the result of a 30-day gaming competition. It is – only the first step to ensuring that the name of stunning. Please leave comments and suggestions about what you would like to see in this game. We read every comment and your vote will be counted.


Geometry Race game, I noticed a long time ago from their Android-friends who were cut into her office and all repeatedly advised her to establish. After listening to the recommendations, I climbed into the App Store, and there I waited a misunderstanding – a game that a few months already actively used in the Play Market, has not been added to the “apple” shop. Fortunately, developers enlightenment dawned, and they remembered the existence of the app store from Apple.
Graphic realization of games collectively with sound takes users ten years ago – in the days of the good old platforming wrapped in an abstract and dynamic setting. In Geometry Race we sit down at the wheel of unknown vehicle that hovers above the ground, has a high speed and maneuverability, but has a low safety – one crash, and the spaceship just solution to the molecules.

But the obstacles in the game a huge set. Since the action of the game take place in a world of abstractions, the developers were quite extensive platform for realizing their ideas. Cuba, rectangles, triangles, circles and other geometric elements – all this in the game very much, all this has a different size and the ability to move unpredictably, falling and otherwise change their location.

In addition to the threat of being pressed down, flattened and broken, our vehicle also has a charge of energy that is consumed when traveling. Yes, and as you would like? In another way, in our world does not exist. To prematurely stop somewhere on the outskirts of the new record, you need to collect crystals of energy that the battery is fully restored. These crystals can be seen from a distance, as if they are dropped down on the ground at the time of our approximations.


In the game there are several types of spaceships, they all have different characteristics and are sold for local currency. The game Geometry Race very interesting characteristics of the system is implemented. Every vehicle has certain indicators in the following areas: battery, multiplayer, coins and a magnet. Pumping each of these abilities on the track will appear more bonuses just for the strong direction.

As with all indicators of a more or less clear, it is necessary to tell at the multiplayer. This bonus is given at the time and is a factor of coins. The main charm lies in the fact that the factors can be multiplied with each other – because of this the game can actually collect a tidy sum of coins. Coins are awarded after a certain time in the form of a lottery. They are, as mentioned above, the need for discovery of new machines and to pump, as well as premature release locations – their game is three, but there are others.

The game is dynamic, fun, absolutely the whole game content opens easily without any Donata – tested in practice. At the time of release of the game in the Play Market Geometry Race in general, it was not possible to buy anything – there was such a privilege to updates, and users it is not startled.

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