Warface – great online action from Crytek

For online military action, the title of which no words Battlefield, Call of Duty and Counter Strike, has developed a very definite attitude. As a rule, this is another shareware hack or clone of the crafts with poor graphics, primitive single-celled design and gameplay. The first in many years, a game that definitely will change… Read more Warface – great online action from Crytek

Perfect World on the crossroads of the worlds

The output of each of the new additions to the online game – always a jolt to players. Changing the balance, add new features, some of which will necessarily disappear. As a rule, the addition of developing existing ideas, but sometimes it makes a revolution, almost reverses the idea of the project. «Perfect World: At… Read more Perfect World on the crossroads of the worlds

World of Warcraft: Legion

Legion – the sixth in addition to World of Warcraft, where players as usual waiting for new adventures, a higher level of bleeding and other interesting improvements. Key Events World of Warcraft: Legion unfold on the Shattered Islands – new territory for high-level players, which consists of seven separate locations. Mighty Warlock Gul’dan still survived… Read more World of Warcraft: Legion