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Game of War – popular mobile strategy for many months being on the top of the rating of the most popular iOS and Android games.

The game you start with a small town, gradually transforming it into an empire. Game of War reminds game from Kabam, but unlike them contain some original solutions: crafting, pumping characters (reminds of Dark Age of Camelot), trees research, interesting model of capture, execution and resurrection of heroes (and all that is connected with it ), the treatment of the troops and the war between the alliances.

As usual, you have access to the resources they need to be collected for the construction of the city and the training of the army. You can type characters and together with them to attack and to defend their land.

You can build buildings in a single or several cities and armies, which can be used for attack and defense. With other players, you can join in alliances. Allies can share resources and help each other in war. In addition to working together, players can also attack each other, and the winning team will be receiving additional resources as a reward.

Resources are mainly need to create and upgrade your cities and training of the army, as well as its contents (food for the soldiers). Resources can be extracted by means of buildings or received as a reward. It is important to maximize warehouse that resources are protected from attacks and to resource production is not stopped, when you will not be in the game. That is, you will be able to accumulate large stocks of resources in his absence and then spend them, calling the game a few times a day.

Gold – the main currency of the game. Gold can be used to purchase goods and scarce resources. By joining the allies and winning the event, you can get the gold. There is a small chance to get a gold ordinary mules. However, the most effective way to get gold is to buy it for real money.

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Buildings can be built in the city and its surroundings. Each building offers several advantages that help in the development. Usually, all the main buildings are built in a single copy, but some (resource extraction) can and should build a few pieces. Appointment of buildings can vary: the production of resources, training soldiers, improving skills, and more. Upgrading buildings are also necessary because the building is prepared with additional features. Construction and modernization of buildings requires resources and time.

Time you can reduce using special accelerators, which can be bought for gold in a store or receive as a gift.

You can also operate with the characters-heroes. Heroes can be captured and put to death then you have to hire a new hero, or to save the captured. Or seek help from allies.

Participation in the Alliance and helping in the attack the lands of others, and their protection. Allies can help each other, especially when certain tasks need to be accelerated. In addition, joining associations and interaction with them give the alliance points, which players can then spend in the store. To coordinate joint actions of the Allies have a general chat.

Packs in the game types. The first type – training the beginning player the basics of the game and help the accumulation of seed capital for development. It is important to treat them with the utmost care and to fulfill as soon as possible. Two other types – Daily quests and quests of the alliance. Here you have to simply click on the appropriate quest and wait for it to end. Completing quests will help you gather resources, because usually by completing quests provide relatively large prizes, plus experience for the characters, silver and other resources. Therefore it is recommended to perform all the quests to the maximum.

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