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The land of Gallia is conquered by the Roman Empire. Rebellious Gauls try to start a revolt against Caesar and his legions. Take the lead of the revolt, and your name will make it into history!

A Druid named Neocomix will be always near you. He will prepare magic potions and come up with destructive conjurations. Their skillful use and accuracy of your catapult during the clash will make Romans surrender the village and seek safety in flight.


Game Gallia – Rise of Clans lightning plunges us into the events of 2000 years ago. You, as the commander in chief of the troops of the Gallic land, will assume full responsibility for the tactics of battles, and the organization of their own soldiers. An excellent opportunity to be smart, to develop a strategy and to challenge myself to Caesar. Appearing on the way the commander of such a strategy as you, “Notes on the Gallic War” would have looked not so optimistic.

Historically wrapper “Gaul”, describing real events, we are waiting for a fascinating journey during one of the most influential events that had to endure the mighty Roman Empire. On a makeshift field size of 6 to 7 cell, not knowing rest and sleep, will appear Roman soldiers. Their main defense – forged a shield, but against catapult galltsev not stand even Emblazoned great Empire piece of iron.
Developers’ Gaul – Rise of the clans “have managed to cross several genres into one game. No, Halle – this is still a popular time-killer “three-in-a-row”, but to realize supply deserves respect. Charging catapult with heavy boulders, feel free to send them to the midst of the enemy. At the same time aim at sectors where the soldiers are standing with one color boards. So you can kill in one fell swoop at once a couple of Roman executioners.


Each level provides a counter trophies, and as in any tribe, trophies There are more number of dead Romans. 100 soldiers and commanders of the couple (which, incidentally, can also be charged in a catapult)! Great result! We continue to defend. Be careful of the location of the enemy troops on the battlefield: is the Roman soldiers lined up in a single line consisting of six cells vertically as few moves later Gallic village will be taken.

Puzzle “Gallia – Rise of clans” is filled with all sorts of bonuses, artifacts and combos, and correct the course of history will always help your own druid healer constantly cooking magic potions and murderous invention. Charge of good mood, cute cartoony graphics and decent sound, the opportunity to fight for the best commander among his friends and a pleasant immersion in the historical past – all this you can get an extraordinary representative of the genre of “three-in-a-row” game “Gallia – Uprising clans “.

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