Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh Prison


The name of the first additions to the Far Cry 4 threshold is misleading: the flight from alpine prison Dyurgesh was shown in the original game, and Escape from Durgesh Prison devoted to what happened in the interval between the escape and the moment when Ajay woke up in the company of Amita and Sabal.

Venue – North Kirata goal – for half an hour to get to the point of evacuation, and within ten minutes of the helicopter to protect against attacks the soldiers of the royal troops. Peygan Min radio gives introductory and fatherly advice, almost openly hinting that this method checks to see if Ajay is ready to become his successor.


To get to the helicopter labor is not, but to survive the last 10 minutes without preparation is almost impossible. The game starts with zero character and with only two slots for weapons, so the first few sessions have to devote pumping. Every half hour there comes a game over: the skills and equipment are maintained and that’s all captured point, all the explored places on the map and all completed missions are cleared. The time can be extended by performing karma missions (hostage rescue, rescue random drivers on the road from the mayhem of soldiers), capturing checkpoints or deal with propaganda, but the end is always the same – either killed or time runs out.

Unlike the original, in addition capturing outposts needed not for control over the territory, and to facilitate the pumping and evacuation. In Escape from Durgesh Prison no money and stores, and even the animals have not all of those that are necessary for sewing equipment. Weapons and missing components for crafting can be found in the captured bases. In the same way, you can simplify your flight: one took the outpost – and at evacuation has several allied militants from the “Golden Road” grabbed another – there are first aid kits and body armor, he took a third – Add guns and mortars. Those who expects Escape from Durgesh Prison new plot details will be disappointed: the territory is the same (North Kirata), characters and commercials not, there are a few new replicas Peygan Min on the radio. All new content is a new game mode, reminiscent of Do not Starve and Dead Rising: Pump over as quickly as possible, capturing multiple databases, without dying and before they reach the evacuation.


Escape from Durgesh Prison can be recommended to those who love hardcore and can not break away from Far Cry 4. Everyone else can pass – miss nothing new.

Far Cry 4 – Escape from Durgesh Prison – Walkthrough Gameplay

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