Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh Prison Walkthrough


Far Cry 4: Escape from Durgesh Prison is very different from most of the DLC, issued to the games. In this supplement, the heroes have to escape from prison Dargesh, and performing a couple of important rules. Firstly, escape is limited in time just thirty minutes, but in order to unwind the timer back a little, you can perform additional tasks. Second, a player has only one life – if the main character is killed, you will have to start all over again. However, itself a short escape, so the die initially even interesting – so you can learn more about the game, to notice some alternative versions of passage. By the way, yes – undergo addition in several ways, choosing a different route traffic on Durgeshu.

The passage begins with the fact that the protagonist wake up in some cluttered with boxes indoors. From the radio goes to voice Peygana Mina, who tells in an ironic tone that Ajay was taken prisoner, but his friends, Saba and Amit already Rescue helicopter. However, for the helipad is constantly under surveillance, so do not just get to run away – will have to play a little game with Minh.

Putting all equipment, which is in the room, and then climb a little higher up the ladder. It turns out that Ajay woke up inside a giant tower, on top of which now stands. Fortunately, the room has a parachute with which you can leave the place of confinement. But first, destroying a propaganda poster of the top – so you can get a whole extra minute to pass. Also note that from the initial room can not only go higher, but also come down – there is an extra outfit and one output, which almost immediately leads the main character to the event karma.


By the way, the counter is ticking – so you should hurry, but with the mind. The fact is that in addition the player is limited not only time and the only life, but also in resource – ammunition and other good is not very much, and the final battle will be difficult. So just learn to balance between speed and economy – if somewhere you can make a covert murder or a shot in the head, try to do so. And finally, one more surprise – the hero begins the game with virtually no bleeding and with a minimum of equipment. So it makes sense to forget about the many skills that you have already used to using the original Far Cry 4.

The output of killing a guard who is a prisoner – another bonus to the passage of time. Slugger or run away from the help had come, and then went down the hill until you pick up a quad bike. Please note – the passage of time is not spent in the moments when the card is opened, the tree of skills or other menu. Use this opportunity to consider further action. Studying the map note on additional tasks for which performance you can get extra bonuses for the final attack on the outpost. At least it makes sense to do the job, “Anger Yuma” – it runs very close to the tower, it is necessary to go to the southeast. On the way to any object, pay attention to the random assignment of karma and try to implement them as quickly as possible to get extra time on the passing.

To the north and slightly west of the tower is kennel King Guards – outpost for the release of which give an additional five minutes. Here you can also earn skill points and profit outfit. Also visit the item Sahi Gila, where here first you need to cut down the alarm and cut enemies – so they will not be able to call in reinforcements.


Whether to perform the remaining tasks and positions? Decide for yourself. The fact is that in most cases the time you will spend on extra “movement” is approximately equal to the time it will get a reward, so that much more time to negotiate the final battle will not work. On the other hand – all assignments bring experience, and some open up additional opportunities. Therefore, if you are not a very skilled player, it makes sense to perform a little more extra things to be better prepared for the assault. There is another sense in other tasks – to get more pleasure from the game. Fastest route possible to keep within 30-40 minutes, but sure, you expected more when buying addon. Finally, keep in mind – during the additional tasks you can also kill, and then have to start again. Therefore, carefully look at the complexity of the additional tasks, selecting the optimum transmission route.

By the final point of the adventure – helipad – better suited with a decent supply of mines and explosives. Place them on the ground, which can go to the enemy, and themselves take a position next to a jeep – installed on it the turret considerably help in combat. Check the ammunition for weapons – battle will last about ten minutes. Do not interfere, and a good sniper rifle – the end of the fight the enemy snipers become a major headache. At the end of the battle scroll to the helicopter, which is constantly moving and is engaged in the shelter to avoid sniper fire. As soon as the counter is reset – sit down in a helicopter and fly away.

FAR CRY 4 Escape from Durgesh Prison Gameplay




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