Fantastic Plastic Squad REVIEW

Fantastic Plastic Squad REVIEW

Description :

The Golden Age of Action Figures is here again. Travel back to 1984 and join forces with a team of 5” action figures known as the Fantastic Plastic Squad! Choose between the heroic Cyber Squad, the noble HeroBots, or the enchanting Glamazons and get ready for high adventure. Take command and defend your house from the ever growing hordes of evil. Enjoy explosive third-person combat in a nostalgic throwback to the landscape of yesterday. Explore a detailed world of heroes, accessories, and villains as you battle to defeat the nefarious Dr. Demonocle and his Legion of Goons!


DropForged Games Studio to create its new product ventured extremely dubious adventure – these guys tried to drive each user in the fierce nostalgia with plastic soldiers, who were probably everyone who happens to be born in the ’80s. The game is called «Fantastic Plastic Squad» and is a very arcade-quality third-party action.

The game begins with the selection of the character, and it is not a standard procedure, which emanates from the boredom and despondency. Thanks to the excellent implementation of this seemingly formulaic process turns into a ritual. Each new character comes into play out of the box, prematurely breaking through the plastic packaging cover. The game has more than a hundred characters, and all of them are opened one by one through a random issue.


The gameplay is very difficult to call a variety. All we have to do – is to protect your home from the attack of various toy creatures, created by Dr. Demonokle. Game locations are in the form of the room of a teenager with an appropriate entourage: unmade bed disclosed boxes, computer chair, and so on. The room has a huge number of small items that make a great gaming experience. The game was a place for PvP-mode, where we will have the opportunity to compete against real players.

At the disposal of every soldier has a plastic as the standard type of attack – it uses the character automatically when the mouse pointer on the target – and special opportunities, limited time recharge. In addition, we have an opportunity to improve the heroes, raising their level and combine several soldiers in one, creating the most incredible combinations. Of course, all this requires a good investment of virtual currency.


But all these features of the gameplay just fade against the background of the visual realization of the game, made in a certain likeness of the cartoon “Toy Story.” Every soldier in the game is a masterpiece: its shape, bending, plastic attachment, the corresponding ammunition – all circumferential terrible nostalgia. Want to buy a couple of these, lock yourself in a room and reminisce of the past – without any pathos and vanilla.

Despite the apparent simplicity and causality Fantastic Plastic Squad, the game looks very high quality, and this is true with respect to all aspects of the game: graphics, sound, control, rich and diverse content. Fear can cause only aggression by Donata – the game very much, and it’s all really want to buy.

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