Fallout 4: Yes, No, sarcasm


Fallout 4 Description

Bethesda Game Studios, creators of the popular game of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, invites you into the world of Fallout 4 – the most ambitious of its new generation of open world games.

You – the only survivor of the shelter 111, trapped in a world devastated by nuclear war. Every moment you are fighting for survival, each decision may be the last. But it depends on you the fate of the wastelands. Welcome home.

Freedom without boundaries!
You can do whatever you want – in a huge open world, offers hundreds of locations, characters and quests. Make alliances with various factions and achieve everything by yourself – all in your hands.

It S.P.E.C.I.A.L!
Be whoever you want via S.P.E.C.I.A.L. characters System Choose from hundreds of properties and create any hero – a soldier in power armor to charming negotiator.

Triumph of pixels!
The Fallout world comes to life thanks to a new generation of graphics and a modern engine. Burnt Forest Commonwealth, Boston ruins – all played convincingly and with stunning details.

Violence and V.A.T.S.!
Tense battle from the first or third person can be slowed down in the new system step by step aiming “Vault-Tec” (V.A.T.S), which allows you to choose the method of attack and enjoy the cinematic scene slaughterhouse.

Collect and build!
Collect, improve and create thousands of items using advanced manufacturing systems. Weapons, armor, food and chemicals – that’s just the beginning of the list, then you will be able to create and develop the whole settlement.


Fallout 4 some review:

Great game, built a house of 5:00, well that nothing distracts neither interesting quests, no dialogue, no role-playing system. Waiting when add dlc with pools.

Simulator homeless – to climb landfills collect the garbage. Especially I am glad if I find glue.

Total freedom of action! You can shoot the robot in the face! ”
Robot immortal.

It S.P.E.C.I.A.L!
Be whoever you want via S.P.E.C.I.A.L. characters System Choose from hundreds of properties and create any hero – a soldier in power armor to charming negotiator.
How did the character leveling system (Special skills (which was cut), perks, etc.) have a classical system, beat her, raped and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ there, then castrated.

I wanted to play in the genre of RPG, not a game in the genre of action, where you have to kill enemies of the crowd.
I wanted to play with freedom of action and not a game where you can not kill quest characters.
I wanted to play with the quality of dialogue, not with the poor wheel, which depends on your choice of anything. Dialogue does not branch, it is nothing interesting in itself is not.
I wanted to play with a fine black humor, but not with [sarcasm].
I wanted to play with atmofseroy brutal wasteland, not a game where you can not kill the children, and to win back the evil character.
I wanted a game with an interesting plot and not vyser about Dad, who is looking for his son.
I wanted to play with a sound character development system, not castrated system from the past.

Disappointment of the year, not otherwise. From RPG gazebo made linear buffoon blunt blunt dialogue and plot. It’s just trash.

The most stupid part of all! Atmosphere fallaut not at all! This is some kind of second-rate shooter!

If you’re a fan of the good old Fallout – better not even look in the direction of the game. Dialogues have fallen into complete primitivism and stupidity. The atmosphere, too, not as a class. The initial story copied from Santa Barbara.
I sincerely regret that I bought it at all.

Fallout 4 – How to bury the dream

Stability – this constancy. Sometimes you’re happy about it, if you’re good at it: no blunders, failures, and there are unchanging benefit from what is happening. However, stability can prevent the development, to drive into the narrow confines and destroy all attempts to move in a new direction. Fallout 4, a game that waited for five long years, became a victim of this very stability. She has remained exactly the same in all the good and bad senses.


But Fallout 4 some reason did not become a new addon-branch to the third part, he became New Vegas. He wants to lay claim to more than just another syuzhetka on the old engine. He finally declared as the best game studio Bethesda at the moment. So let’s look at how true that statement.

Fallout 4 was born in the creative throes. Coming up with its concepts, developers have started long before the New Vegas release and Skyrim, but even this preparation still further delayed the process of creating. Long four years after Skyrim staff of hundreds of people worked hard to make something new in the genre, or at least not to fall face in the dirt, as sometimes happens.

War. The war is long over

For a start, they came to the conclusion that making a complete game – it is a waste of power. In the game engine series The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 is a huge army of fans, who regularly makes to all those fashion designs. It’s not just some kind of new “skins”. Fans improved graphics, creating tremendous location and plot adventures, let alone the whole filled with interesting maps. So why fill the game world itself, if all the others are doing it, and it is free?


At the very moment when the issue is ripe in the head of studio bosses, future Fallout 4 has changed. He no longer was a role-playing game, it was a great editor. A huge number of places on the map are now fully modifiable, right in the game you can create and build buildings, structures, electro-communications, send caravans between settlements, build shops and fill the city residents, and the house – furniture. Just kind of a cross between Minecraft and Hearthfire add-ons for Skyrim. Fallout 4 has suddenly become one of the games in the series, which I call “entertain himself.” I went, traveled, collected materials, back, built a new house, drove the inhabitants, forced to work, went further. In between, also took the quest to join some regular parking people to their community.

Yes, in this regard, Fallout played some new colors, but that’s why it became worse in the filling. In such games, the story and quests are always fade into the background. Thousands of similar quests like “go there, kill the Raiders / bugs / sacks” incredible in its simplicity and predictability of the main storyline, well, a very modest number of unique piece jobs. I waited on the game at all, is not it.

Shooting. Shooting never ceases

Fallout 4 finally become a game about the gameplay, which contributed to help in the development of the people of id Software. They added a touch of Fallout from her the RAGE, and now Fallout 4 was not just a game about the endless construction, but also a game about crafting guns. Any trunk or melee weapons can alter, improve, replace them in almost every detail, but also to receive the unit a unique name. Shooting has indeed become more fun, because the union with weapons became much more tangible than ever. You yourself, with your hands in a balanced and made from a rusty shotgun brand new and shiny “Deathbringer”, of course, from this shoot much handier.

In addition, almost at the very beginning of the game you will be given the power armor. Well, the same one in the other games in the series were given only towards the end, as it is too cool to give it to beginners. Now it is possible to walk in it as much as necessary if the resources, of course, that’s enough. The armor of the player will be a completely different interface, but the important thing is that it can also be modified – change in her hands (each one separately), legs (as well), hang a helmet, body, hang additional protection or even add a jetpack. Someone called earlier Fallout 3 “Oblivion with guns.” Fallout 4 can be called a “game about the gun mods in the world Skyrim».


Well, Fallout 4 looks like a big fashion, and with the lame and outdated graphics. It is unclear why the game was released only on the new consoles, with a similar graphic component the previous generation of consoles have drawn her as easily as a third part. Especially for consoles in general, all became even more convenient. If, for example, before the dialogue had to read and scroll because of the abundance of text, now I got Fallout console “wheel” of dialogue: a maximum of four variants of one word answers

The developers made concessions, and even voiced the replica, but dialogue was terribly primitive and short. Even in Mass Effect many replicas were second-level subsections. For example, the option of dialogue “demand” led to at least two or three additional options, and as a result of the “wheel” was not six, and a lot more dialogue options. But Fallout 4 is too easy in terms rolevki: four-syllable version, according to developers – this is more than enough.

Some also arranged the whole “choice” in this game. Almost all jobs are reduced to “kill them all!”, And very rarely, when the hacking skills, hacking or communication to help solve all the business world. The choice is usually limited to a team-mate to take on the case, and how to kill the enemy: quietly or taking fun limbs.

But even this is not very lousy. The most controversial was the simplification of the system of characteristics, skills and abilities. Now almost all of them are in one big plate, and even the characteristics SPECIAL now located inside this very skill tablets. Not only that SPECIAL is now possible to download and then start making yourself ten points in each characteristic, so more and the authors insist that you’re sure to do that, for the development of any skill opens only when a certain value of the associated characteristics. That is, you are investing experience point in the “Intellect”, then the second point of experience can be put in the open thanks to the skill “Search target”. Another point in the “intelligence” – and now you can download medical skill, going after. And so on.

Rare perks give a different way. To do this, look for scattered across the ruined Boston magazine, which they and open. Magazines, unlike “PUPS” look harder – sometimes they are not visible and can blend in with the color of the table on which lie, so you have to go through every centimeter.

In addition to “PUPS” and magazines also come across games. These are ordinary cassette with arcades, which can be inserted in its new Pip-Boy-and-play, if held dull quests tired and construction, home repair, like, not even thought come to an end.


Mini-games – it’s all good, like music, like crafting weapons, as well as editor of the characters, as well as construction. But the problems in the game does not become less, as the same engine again gives all its drawbacks. Schedule can be changed only if you go to the launcher, that is out of the game, the NPC brutally blunt and stuck where they can, and randomly saydkvesty completely devoid of every kind of logic: one of the settlements threaten the insects that are on the other side of the large map and that would not flew to the settlement for all his desire. Bugs in the dialogues and quests, NPC and disappearing textures, eerie animation individuals as if in a game five, and even ten years ago … I think I got used to all this, but not with each new game is more annoying. Just before such an abundance of problems is not so conspicuous, because it was in the game, things to do, in addition to scrutiny of people walking purposefully into the wall. Now it’s only entertainment that can tighten, because even here the humor is found exactly in the same city, have the ironic name of the Neighbourhood. In New Vegas, and it was impossible to take a step, so as not to stumble on the next joke or a reference to Fallout 2. And then …

And there passed more than 200 years after the war, and people continue to behave as if it happened only yesterday. If we look around, the way it is. This time gap is not felt absolutely: all the same buildings that no one recovers, the same Nuka-Cola, which is 200 years later still the same effervescent and scattered around in exactly the same amount as before. But it was ok, because before no one could rebuild a village in ten minutes. Now, the main character of the two felled trees creates a cozy cottage, and all these 200 years from the time of nuclear war (a century since the first Fallout and four decades – from the time of the second) are starting to look nasty and unfunny farce.

Fallout 4. Fallout never changes

Previously, all this dancing around stability leads to good changes, it is now a series of stepped somewhere back and plunge into their own mistakes, coupled with their own old age. Why do we make the system of perks for different needs, if the whole game entirely devoted to shooting? Why do the role-play, where the most interesting – it’s shooting and said the construction of houses? Why remove the karma system? To the player I do never felt responsible for what he does? Maybe I should not have called the game Fallout 4, and come up with something else? Fallout: Craft Mod or RAGE 2 – a more appropriate name.

In its current form Fallout 4 will be able to evaluate only those who had never seen the humor and the freedom of New Vegas, as the ideal role-playing games with guns thinks Borderlands. Fallout 4 is disappointing, though far more than once disappointed the old school players Fallout 3. But there was at least a logical development of the series, now have to develop the game to fans exclusively. “Do it yourself” for a lot of dollars – it seems to me, or it’s a bit unfair?

Fallout 4 foto


Fallout 4 Final verdict

Normal game … would have been if had a different name, and preferably would be not associated with any old school of Fallout, or his version of rebirth. Those who think New Vegas masterpiece in Fallout 4 has nothing to do, only to be disappointed once again helpless writers. For those who love the classics – even more so. A new game can not be held, and one percent of the charm of the old games. Like Fallout 4 is only for those who were born in the bunker and only now for the first time faced with a series.

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