Fallout 4: Far Harbor


History of Far Harbor additions, as the history of the original Fallout 4, begins with the search – only this time do not have to find the kidnapped baby, and runaway teenage girl. Frightened parents will tell that she was fond of technology and could spend hours in the workshop, repairing some old receiver. Cursory inspection of the house, you will realize that the girl caught a signal settlement synths and ran to them. But return it is not so easy – if only because that the settlement is in the Far Harbour Island, to which local try not to approach.

The island can be reached without problems – but problems continue to be so, there is the risk of forgetting why you came here at all. The fact that the Far Harbor – home not only to a small group of synths. Apart from these there are a settlement on the island people and the base of religious fanatics – Atom children. And these three groups is about clinging to the throat of each other.

The plot – the strongest part of the Far Harbor additions. A few hours you will be able to maneuver between people, synths and Children of the Atom, gradually learning their secrets and building a relationship with them, but sooner or later have to decide which side to stand on. Fortunately, unlike the original game, where any selection meant dissenting genocide, in addition, you can solve all the problems are more or less peacefully. Typically, the “peaceful path” means the most boring and predictable course of events, but not in the Far Harbor: even the “right” decision will not be easy. Having achieved the best possible result, you will still feel rubbish.


In the Far Harbor incredibly many wonderful characters – the old man who lives alone on his farm, and every day to fend off hordes of monsters, to terminally ill girl who meets every day as the last, but do not lose heart. Surprisingly not bad dialogue – of course, they will inevitably fit into the Procrustean bed of “yes”, “no”, “Details” and “sarcasm”, but to chat with islanders still more interesting, than the inhabitants of the Commonwealth.

By itself, the Far Harbor – one of the best places in the universe of Fallout. Keep covered with a haze of radiation fog, he looks like at the same time on an ominous Silent Hill and on the mysterious island of Lost. At dusk in the forest was a terrible – it seems that in all the bushes rustle ghosts, and behind every tree hides Slender Man. But the real threat on the island are quite material creature. And here they sit very tight – almost hidden behind every tussock legendary Bog, or a ghoul, or at least a raider, and the corpse of each can, as usual, to remove a unique weapon or piece of armor with interesting properties.

In the study of the mysteries of the island may well leave a couple dozen hours. Even if you follow all the instructions of local residents, the map will still remain white spots. Take the time to visit them all – for example, you can find another shelter and carry out the associated quest, one of the best not only in addition but also in the entire game.


The only thing that is not something that spoils the Far Harbor, but causes some confusion – a mandatory mini-game that the plot will have to go through at some point. Most of all it looks like a mixture of Minecraft (you will need to move the cube blocks) and Lemmings (by the way you built run small green cockroaches). To fully pass this entire episode would have to spend about three hours – and it definitely will not be the top three hours of your life.

Also frustrating the reluctance of developers to work a little bit with the interface. Inventory – all the same bloody mess, which is extremely difficult to look for things, even when you know that you have them. If you, for example, holodisk caught in the turmoil of the fight, I do not remember his name, and only half an hour decided to listen to him – will have to find it among the fifty more of the same records.

Far Harbor – like Fallout in miniature: here there are several opposing factions, and strong characters and great stories. Moreover, based on the kilometer island interesting stories here, even more than in the original game, and besides, the Far Harbor makes a great impression. If not for the sudden rush of developers love of Minecraft, more work on the interface and optimizing the game unbearably long thought – that when you change locations, that when loading a saved, – Far Harbor could be called the perfect complement. But even now, it’s a great way to spend some wonderful evenings in one of the best games of last year.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Gameplay Walkthrough

Fallout4 far harbour gameplay part 1

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