fallout 4 companions

fallout 4 companions

All in the game Fallout 4 will be present 13 partners for the main character. And it will be people, animals, robots, gul (Hancock) and beyond.
Take them with you at any time (after meeting with them) and replace each other, too, when it is convenient. But for some time, you can take only one satellite. And, yes, they are immortal. individual achievements \ trophies also created for satellites, “One is a warrior» (Never Go It Alone) which would require hiring 5 companions whith “Sex appeal» (Lovable) – to raise the level of relations to a maximum of one satellite.

Companions Perks

Each partner will have his perk, which is always active and does not depend on the distance between the hero and companion. For example, the hero left the road, and the satellite is still only catching up with him, running out of the far turn in the road. The main thing that the satellite was along with the characters, not as others expected it to “base”. Accordingly, if the satellite is replaced, and then changed Perk.
Cait – fast HP regeneration, if the index is below 25%.
Mr. Assistant (Codsworth) – an increase of 10 units of the resilience of the energy weapon damage robots.
Curie – Restores times a day of CP 100 units if its level is below 10%.
Danse – Damage increased by 20% against the super mutants, wild animals and robots
Deacon – Increases damage against hidden attacks by 20% and increase in Stealth mode, the duration of action of 20%
Hancock – the exponent of radioactivity (RAD) of 250 or higher is accelerating a critical hit by 20%.
Maccready – chance to hit in the head with VATSuvelichivaetsya system by 20%.
Nick Valentine – 50% express restart when hacking terminals and an additional chance of breaking.
Piper – 100% experience bonus during conversations with NPCs and the opening of new locations on the map.
Preston – 20% increase in damage and resistance to damage in a collision with three or more enemies.
Strong – when HP below 25% increased weapon damage by 20%.
X6-88 – by 20 and increases resistance to energy loss.

Romantic line

Develop a romantic line can be with the characters: Kate, Dance, Hancock, McCreedy, Piper, Preston. To develop relations of friendship / love, choose the answers in the dialogues, and it does so, that will be like satellites. The tables below will help orient further and more in each satellite – below


Mr. Robot Assistant (Codsworth)

Mr. Robot Assistant (Codsworth) was once your home robot (a la Butler) before the nuclear bombs were dropped. He likes to talk a lot and is very good in a fight. You can find it after the release of the Vault when head towards Senkchuri Hills (Sanctuary Hills), where previously lived Hero games.



Cait – a drug addict and a fighter melee arena. But knows how to pick locks. Find it may be to the east of Diamond City, in a combat zone. At the entrance to the location pay attention to the neon sign above the door. Enter into this building and help Kate fight back against the Raiders. Personal Quest: Soft Intervention



Curie – robot, similar to the Master-assistant. His weapons – a laser gun with infinite ammunition, which is great for a fight at medium and short distances. He is also a doctor, so he had the appropriate perk.
Where to find: Vault 81 on one of the lower floors. Begin to perform the entire chain of quests in this Sanctuary, and you find him, and then another, and a room in the shelter.
Personal Quest: Unexpected behavior


Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse – a real killing machine, and he – a man (play, play, heh-heh-heh) in power armor. Of the weapons he has a very powerful laser gun.
Where to find: Cambridge police station, south-east of the Hills Sanctuary, center of the map. When you first visit locations hero see how Dance fights in front of the Department with the ghouls.
Satellites will become after help him and his friends in the fight against raiders will switch to ACT II story campaign (starting with a job Dangerous thoughts (Dangerous Minds)), do the job for a couple to dance. Remember: it is – your way to the Brotherhood of Steel. Fulfilling Brotherhood quests, you will be able to improve the relationship with dance.


Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine – synthetics, which the hero will meet for the first time in the course of story quests. His favorite weapon – a gun, besides he and excellent hacker expert level.
Where to find: In the story of Hero send in Diamond City to search for information about his son. And he will visit the Detective Agency Nick Valentine. But it will not be there, so you have to rescue him from captivity in Vault 114 and kill the boss Dino.

Personal Quest: long waiting time. It is activated upon arrival at the Diamond City. Save Nick’s finish another story quest, and then, after a study of the Kellogg House, Nick begins with the Hero of the conversation, then he can become a companion.



Deacon – master of disguise and mystery. Moreover, it is incredibly sociable and cheerful, so bored Hero in the wasteland will not work.
Where to find the first time it will meet in the basement of the Old North Church. The impasse look around, consider a wall shape, gather the word (rotating inner part and clicking on it) “railroad” and, thus, allow the drives to open the door. Behind the door and will be Deacon and friends.
Personal Quest: None. But, to become a companion, it is necessary to do the job Conspiracy (Tradecraft). Then Deacon offer the hero to travel together.



Strong – super mutant, a prisoner in a cage. His favorite weapon – a huge hammer, and he does not like armor. But he has in hand and a rifle, but without ammunition.
Where to find: on top of the Trinity Tower, in a cage. Passing by the tower, the Hero will receive a radio signal. Tune into it, activate the quest.
Personal Quest: Curtain Call. Only after it, Strong could become a partner for the hero. Note that in the conclusion of the quest to be the boss – fist (Fist), is strong enough. You will also need the key to the cell that exists on the terrace.


Robert McCready

Robert McCreedy – mercenary, sniper rifle and infinite ammunition, as well as loves money, therefore, be prepared for what will have to pay for his services. First payment will be 250 caps. With a large developed fascination price can be reduced to 200.
Where to find: an independent settlement Neighbourhood (Goodneighbor). It is accessible at any time during the game. Goal Third Rail bar in the back room, talking.
Personal Quest: The long road ahead.



Dog breed German Shepherd Dog (German Shepher). Doggies can give commands, for example, collect loot, or visit the location. Also he will be able to participate in the battle.
Where to find: You can find a little dog near a truck stop “Red Rocket” at the very beginning of the game after the release of their shelter.
Perk: partial paralysis bitten enemies during battle.



Piper – editor of “Social scene» (PublicOccurrences) in the town of Diamond City.
Where to find: it is impossible to miss, as it will help it to pass the Hero into the city past the guards.
Personal Quest: The History of a century. Only after that it will be able to join the Hero.


Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey – Minuteman leader (a faction), which has a very powerful weapon – a laser musket. Rifle onaya well destroy enemies in the far distance and overtake those that hide in ambush.
Where to find: Freedom Museum, the city of Concord. Help new friends clean the place from enemies, and after thereof, it will be possible to recruit him.


John Hancock

Hancock – gul, a great fighter and unusual character, even if that wears red clothes of the revolutionary period, three-cornered hat and earrings.
Where to find: In the Neighbourhood area at Skolley area immediately appear for the first time in the location. And it is possible to develop a romantic line.
Personal Quest: Recruiting Hancock. Only then will he be able to join the Hero.

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