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In Valve’s many advantages, but the key – this is probably the ability to keep track of interesting ideas and implement them, by hiring writers to work. Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, Portal – these projects were conceived not in the walls of Valve, but that the creators of Half-Life made them finally a reality.

Therefore, there was, by and large, nothing surprising in the fact that the company has paid attention to in the end the popular modification for the old WarCraft 3 – Defense of the Ancients (Dota). One of the major developers have proposed to become part of the Valve team and create the same game, but on a completely different level of quality. And just a few days ago under the name of the game Dota 2 has appeared in the list of recent releases Steam, having gone through a long period of closed testing, during which the number of players per month occurring on the battlefield, was close to 4 million.


The essence of the game is quite simple. On a large map on which three paths, separated by a dense forest, two of five teams battling laid. Their goal – the Ancient, the central building on the enemy base, located at the opposite end of the card. The winner is the team that will break the first defense of the opponent, gets to the Ancient and razed it to the ground.

Of course, easier said than done, because the database itself, and every good path reserved. Firstly, they are the towers, opening fire on anyone who dares to come within range. Second, each base at regular intervals sent to patrol the small units of computer-controlled soldiers (in the terminology of the game – “Creep”). They do not listen to orders and players simply rod forward until you run into the enemy or enemy building, then begin to destroy, crush and cut. This is a real cannon fodder, live wave, in which you and your team are going, like surfers, clad in fantasy armor.

Great attention is paid to the heroes. Actually, a large selection of characters – an inherent property of all of the genre as a whole. In Dota 2 at the time of writing the review is available over a hundred characters, and they are really different. The game even a little reminiscent of comics, in the sense that the two fighting teams are very similar to the superhero teams like “Avengers” or “Justice League.” They also recruited from different fighters, each of whom has some super powers own theme: one is invisible, yet will not go on the attack, the other manages the electricity, and the third is able to teleport and destroy the enemy’s mana. The game gives you the ability to use any fighting style, which you can think of.


If you still do not have enough of some capacity, probably in the game store you can find the item that will endow her hero. The range of clothes and weapons is also very rich. In addition to the passive bonuses, many things have yet active abilities that expand the arsenal of characters, giving them a little while immunity to magic, allowing to transform enemies into harmless chickens and do a host of other wonderful things.

For Diversity has to pay. Dota 2 – is one of the most difficult in the development of competitive online games. There is not enough good to know his character and be able to time and place to use his abilities, it is also required to have an idea of the enemy team. If you do not understand how the characters who fight against you, you probably doomed to a lot of unpleasant surprises.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Dota 2 – the essence of team play. Ineptly behaving in battle and are constantly dying, you do not just help your team, you pour water on the enemy’s mill. For every murder your opponent will get an enviable jackpot in the form of experience and money, which will make the enemy stronger and reduce the chances of your team for a victory. Partly because of this, so tenacious stereotype of hysterical “Daughtery” watering own team slops chatting one thing – losing fault of their own, and quite another – to meet in the forest enemy hero obscenely high level, which feed some sad sack on the other path. Therefore it is better to start playing with your friends: its certainly forgive. And good to be trained.


At the beginning of the match until the characters have not yet gained pockets full of useful items in battle, to go on the attack is dangerous, so you and the enemy circled around each other like hungry sharks: look out for a gap in the defense and trying to catch each other on an error. Suddenly, the enemy will show carelessness, not just the ability to apply, easy prey mistakenly sees in you and chase too carried away or simply do not notice that the forest is already waiting for your friend to a nearby trail. Finally, after waiting for the right moment, you catch the opponent with a partner and devours all the giblets. And again, and again.

After some time, the primary pumping stage ends, the team get off together and start to act as a single entity, and small skirmishes at opposite ends of the card are giving way to large-scale battles 5 on 5, where in the course are all available capacity. From special effects dazzled, so that the habit is difficult to even figure out who did what. But after spending a dozen other battles, you will begin to understand a little in this hellish tangle of magic and special moves. Stop wasting time in vain and start to apply their skills when necessary. After that, you will kill, kill and kill, and the enemy will be powerless in front of you. More precisely just what you experience at such moments, he describes the replica of the heroine of the film “The dependence” Abel Ferrara: “It is the violence of my will over your.” And it’s terribly intoxicating.


Dota 2 is incredibly deep game, in a sense – absolute. Such variation you will not find almost any other game, except perhaps that of direct competitors in the same genre. But they are few, and they are usually made worse. Really can withstand Dota 2 except that the most famous of her opponent, League of Legends. Of course, LoL is a great game, but Dota 2 is still more modern, there is a sensible training regime and not have to buy heroes at an additional cost. However, opposition «LoL vs Dota 2″ – a very complicated subject, and I would prefer to get around by her side right now.

Even after hundreds of games Dota 2 continues to throw up surprises periodically player. This is a game which is not spent tens and hundreds of hours. I, for example, even in the World of Warcraft did not kill as much time as it took me to the Steam Dota 2. In my written account that I have spent in the game for more than 700 hours, and I’m not going to stop. In addition, I look professional championships record – really interesting and spectacular. In general, the Dota 2 – is one of the best ways to lose everything in one fell swoop of free time for years to come and, without exaggeration, one of the greatest games in the history of the industry.

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