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What first comes to mind when you hear the word «Doom». Surely, this “monster”, “Demons”, “shooting”, “Hell”, “BFG” and so on. But the most important phrase – graphic revolution. Yes, that’s it. After all, Doom is one of the founders of the genre 3D- shooter. After the success Wolfenstein 3D (which is the first 3D- shooter, though not quite three-dimensional), people from Id Software have decided to repeat its success by making such a game, but more elaborate and varied.

Thus in 1993 published a game called Doom. Due to engine Id Tech 1 (which is more powerful than Wolfenstein 3D engine), the picture became more vivid, intense and rich in details (do not be surprised, because it is – 1993). The game’s plot is simple: during experiments in teleportation of teleport pushed hordes of hellish creatures. They killed all but one of the Marines. He then had to stop the invaders, killing Spider-leader – the leader of the first wave of demons to Mars. The game spread through the shareware-scheme (the game had to be ordered by mail), that is any other acquisition did not give – only one episode has been opened in the game. Thanks to technology, the game proved a resounding success (it sold over 2 million copies of their creators to become rich). In 1994 came the sequel, subtitled «Hell on Earth», which added new monsters, moved the action to Earth, got rid of shareware-purchase schemes, as well as received the title of “Best science fiction Game 1994”.


Here in 2000, Carmack said the development of a remake of the first Doom, but on new technologies (to the engine Id Tech 4 or Doom 3 Engine). Four years later, there is of Doom in 2004. 3. As promised, the game has become a remake, but the story is not completely repeating the original.

The game’s plot has been modified. Once again, we play for an unnamed Marine, who arrived for admission to the guard post on the Martian research station, which produces a variety of scientific tests. His first task is to find the missing scientist. He, naturally, finds. But the somewhat excited. And his excitement justified: teleportation tests are covered with a copper basin, and from the teleport to the base rod hordes of demons. And we, of course, it all need to survive. The plot is one of the strengths of the game. Here and emergency, and trying to survive, and even those who are trying to prevent us (eg, doctor Betruger, gets up on Satan’s side). The plot is replete with sharp turns, at times, unpleasant (such as a walk through hell – where without it). Also complement the story are all CCP staff who, like mosaic, the story of the particles are collected in a single whole. Gloomy and mysterious plot, eerie and dramatic (yes, sometimes some people in the game really sorry) the development of events, a terrible and frightening isolation – the story in the best tradition.

Now the best part – the gameplay. The game is a standard representative of the genre of 3D-shooter with notable dose of horror. We have to move through the dark levels of the Martian base (and even on the surface will run), firing on waiting in the dark enemies, to solve the problem, again, shoot and go again into the darkness. Levels varied here: corridors and stations, and workshops, and laboratories, and the surface of Mars, and the various test sites, and even Hell. The question arises – why dark corridors? Yes, the game has a flashlight, but it is either in the hands or on the gun or on the machine (in other weapons it is not). First, it is not a problem, but when there are many adversaries and require a powerful weapon, we have to shoot, peering into the darkness. And if this is not some demon, and simple zombies, which almost inaudibly. That’s when it becomes really scary. Well, if we take into account that the enemies jump from darkness, climb out of the ceiling and floor, teleport right under your nose – it is better to keep calming myself. Weapons, of course, enough. Then fists (hello from the past), flashlight, gun, machine gun, shotgun, machine gun, grenade launcher, and of course the most recognizable “gun”: a chainsaw, plasma gun and BFG9000 (which as before puts a bunch of people, but now does so modest and It does not erase all the powder in the screen). In addition there has Soul Cube – an artifact that can tuck a large demon with one gulp (ie throwing an artifact). It needs to charge the souls of those killed demons (and otherwise, for the pleasure you have to pay). Demons here, too, at sufficiently. Starting from simple stupid zombies (though here they are smarter than in previous games, if only because of the fact that they can break improvised) and ending fatty mankubus (huge are massive with two guns instead of hands and tentacles on his face a la Davey Jones ). Have not gone away and the “old”: Imps (the bulk of the demons), commandos, pink (healthy “dog” with mechanical legs) lost souls (flying head) and others. As before, these creatures attack in droves for the player, sometimes leaving no chance.


With the new engine, the graphics of the game looks great. The most important thing here is to play with the light. Levels may be something light, something fishy, something quite grim. Shadows in the game made real, forcing frightened. A dim light illuminating the demons, making them more intimidating (through realistic shadows). Per-pixel lighting made more realistic and detailed. But then the darkness starts to bother and you’re not frightened suddenly emerged from the darkness of zombies. Also, the model environment, and being too angular, which spoils the picture.

The sound in the game builds about 50% of the entire atmosphere. And it served its purpose. Sounds noises and unexplained knocks cause fear. Music as such in the game. Only rarely played compositions in the style of rock, only increasing the tense atmosphere. Themselves sounds transferred well. Shots of weapons, signals panels when they are used, the sounds of doors, groaning zombies, squeals and screams of demons passed realistic, increasing immersion in the game.

Doom 3 is one of the most successful remakes. Although now there are terrible game, Doom 3 does not let go of the strap, which asked those first games Doom series. In the game there is no problem, except for the excessive darkness (it is clearly the developers slightly overdone). The rest – a good example of how we can move the emergence of 3D-shooter genre to new technologies. The game can bored the experienced players, but fans will be satisfied exactly. What more can be said. Yes, more than anything. We are waiting for Doom 4!

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