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Repeatedly restart Doom announcing last E3 (the first version was canceled that obtained “like Call of Duty»), the developers gave the fans an easy promise – the novelty will fully comply with the spirit and style of the classic id Software: Quake and actually, Doom. Now that the game is already a few days in the free market, we can say with confidence – a promise fulfilled. And it went like Doom benefit and, unfortunately, to the detriment of.

The plot was released in 1993, the classic Doom is revealed in the instructions, lying in the box with the game and with the help of short messages in between levels. Doom sample in 2016 is not much left of the illustrious predecessor – the story fed by means of the vote in the radio, rare holograms showing events from the past, and the weighty texts in the encyclopedia. The plot is the same – on Mars, scientists discovered the portal to Hell, and with it we must urgently do something about it – the actors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and “live” characters literally hero meets a couple of times for all the passage. Details of the next plot turn is rarely distracted for longer than thirty seconds in the rest of the time the player has been about the same – walks on a level in search of another door, a key or a power source, which must be cut down and shoots from the afterlife guests.


Despite the simple story, Doom did not manage to keep the right pace. The game is very clearly seen in the separation of the fighting when the hero falls another crowd of enemies, and “free time”, when the need to tediously go through the level in search of equipment and on the road. The levels are very old-fashioned – multi-story maze of corridors, rooms with terminals, ladders and platforms for fans to jump. The idea of designers are unpredictable: the widest and most obvious passage could easily end the deadlock with a pair of ammunition boxes, while the exit from the level have to get through the loophole completely invisible. Over time, of course, this fits, beginning to actively use the map and see hints of such boxes, set so that with them it was possible to jump on – but that developments rate, to which we are accustomed to modern action games, of Doom is still not picking up.

The best solution here – do not hurry up and play by the rules, proposed by developers. If thoroughly scour each level, you can save a lot of nerves – in almost every nook you can find the supplies and resources for leveling (of Doom is now possible to improve the characteristics of a hero and upgrade weapons and armor). Knowing what was left behind a cache of weapons, can save in combat – unlike most modern shooters, health is not restored automatically, so it’s best to be able to retreat to the medicine cabinet.


Skirmishes of Doom did not like most modern shooters – they are very fast and constantly keep players in suspense. The enemies are many, they are though formulaic, but it is very aggressive, so sit in the shelter simply impossible – on the contrary, we have to keep moving on the level, look for a comfortable position and try to “pull apart” the enemies, killing them in small groups. At the same time also need to collect scattered around the map resources – at first it kits, health and ammo, and then the time gain, such as increased fourfold damage or berserk mode, in which the hero is deprived of weapons, but kills any enemy with the first blow.

The range of enemies borrowed from the past – from the zombies and imps and ending revenant and loved kakodemon people. Similarly, we received and arsenal, except for the fact that the weapons in the new Doom can be upgraded. Each gun is available two upgrade – for example, the tactical rifle can be fitted with a telescopic sight unit or start high-power mini-rockets. Fixed upgrade can “pump” further by adding new features, but the basic upgrades and points for further development of small, so it is better to decide what weapons to strengthen and which to leave as is.


Another novelty Doom – finishing. Damaged by a monster at some point begins to glow blue – if you get close to him and press the shock button, the character will bloody fatalities. Denying several risky, since a couple of seconds distracted by other enemies, but can save ammo and get a lot of fun – for each monster painted several fatalities, so that mock them do not get bored of the game. But for true connoisseurs of meat and blood harvested chainsaw – it can be easily cut it into two parts, even a very powerful enemy.

In skirmishes only a disappointing monotony. Initially, the developers keep the interest, bringing into the arena of new monsters and throwing up new guns to the player, and then try to arrange “meat”, throwing the hero of dozens of “thick” monsters, but generously had pitched on the location and gain ammunition for the most powerful weapons. Sometimes it is necessary to fight in extraordinary circumstances – for example, jumping between platforms suspended in the air. But in general, towards the end of Doom ceases to amaze – you almost always know when to start a fight with someone about and have to fight for what tactics will have to fight. If not for the general slowness of what is happening, then it would not have caught the eye, but alas – held last Doom levels falls purely by inertia, the motivation for the game is not enough.

Interestingly fight in multiplayer, which is similar to the second and third parts of Quake, but with some new ideas. Fights are on small cards, which generously scattered resources – armor and first aid kits, and even the opportunity to gain a little time to become a demon – a team that is better than their controls, usually wins. For participation in the game relies experience – gaining levels, the player unlocks new weapons, special abilities, and also receives a variety of decorations for the hero. In general, the release of the multiplayer is not much different from the beta version, which we wrote about recently – the developers have added a couple of modes, such as control of the points, and a few new maps.

Id Software have got the most important thing – they have created a game in which stunningly interesting to shoot. Fighting in Doom spectacular, unpredictable and constantly kept on their toes. It is a pity that the rest is not so great – the game is clearly closely within the specified 23 years ago. Take a chance the developers come up with new large-scale plot of Doom and make it more friendly to players design – and we probably would have gotten one of the best shooters in recent years.

DOOM Single-player Preview

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