Doom 2: Hell on Earth


Hell journey continues!

The first DOOM was one of the pioneers of games in the genre of action-shooter with real 3-d levels, numerous monsters, some no plot and atmosphere of terror. This game used to play before, but now only remembered about it, those who once reluctantly passed the level, the boss of the boss. And, of course, on the wave of success of the first part of the game, and the second came with the subtitle “Hell on earth.” On it will be discussed.

Send them to Hell, Marine!

Continuing the storyline of the first game, the second brings us already to the Earth, where the hero did not expect to encounter with the creatures of hell, with whom he had encountered on Phobos. Of course, taking a trusty pistol in hand, the ring of soldiers sent to find a way of closing the portal through which our world creatures and entered, and continue to penetrate.

But the road paved to the portal, not sprinkled with roses …

No man is an island!

Overall speaking, the storyline in this game is quite simple and uncomplicated, and generally it is used to justify obscurantism dissolved on the screen. The gameplay since the first part has not changed one iota: over 30 levels of different architecture (which by the way are gradually one after the other without distribution into episodes), level by level, we are looking for the keys, we fire back evil and collect bonuses that here a little longer.


Another thing is that through these levels of activity for long and sometimes laborious – the enemies, of course, a lot, with new enemies have appeared, different characteristic and strength. Most of all remember the Archi, which in addition to the fact that how do you fry the lights are on, so more and killed opponents raises. Bosses little, but rather a full-fledged one boss here, but our old friends from the first part, and moved here, but only as an ordinary opponents, which makes the game much more difficult.

Number of levels much, but the trouble is that the closer to the middle of the game, they are not very palette and beauty, and if not for the subtitle, I would like never would have guessed that we are on the ground – it’s often a lot of us spend time in indoors, and local nature here is very similar to the hellish levels from the first game (though in this part we will visit in Hell). But there are also quite memorable moments, such as the fight Cyberdemon and Spider-Brain trip to steel mill, where you can find the wreckage of the Terminator, a fight in one of the areas of the city, fight in the library, etc. More importantly, the majority of these levels is confusing and difficult to walkthrough – buttons and keys in a well secluded places.

I especially want to note the final level of the game, where in addition to motive and intimidating voice “boss” there is the fact that on its own level quite passable. The boss is in place, but the trouble is that next to you is constantly resurrected monsters, and if they do not kill, they can flood the entire level and does not give you peace of mind. Yes, and most bosses do not just kill, and to destroy it is necessary to show the speed of reaction.

Despite the fact that the game was released some time ago, in it it is still fun to play. Yes, compared to current games in her rather primitive gameplay, but it does not interfere with the enjoyment through the game, because the game is quite dynamic, fun, and the atmosphere present infernal support intimidating Robert Prince composition. Besides running the game on a modern computer is not working too much, and to heighten the simplification can run Doom 3: BFG Edition, which in addition to the third part, contains more high-grade 1-2.

The game – a true legend, an adventure into the world of fantasy and mysticism.

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