Devouring Stars REVIEW

Devouring Stars REVIEW

Description :

Harvest stars and fight with black holes in a magnificent RTS set into the cosmos.

Devouring Stars is a real-time strategy game based on adaptative unit combination and space resources harvesting. Devouring Stars aspires to bring a different scope to the RTS genre while offering visual and audio refinement.

In Devouring Stars, you play a tribe of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus, a corner of the universe as far beneath hell as heaven is high above the earth. Hunted by 4 other tribes, you have been given the ability to draw your own fate. But to what extent?

To defend themselves, those entities have the ability to devour space starfields and create dynamic protective nebulae, or to merge to grow into more advanced units with special abilities (freezing enemies, taking control of them, attacking them from afar, etc.). Depending on the set of entities a game is started with, different strategies may be unfolded.

Devouring Stars is mainly inspired by Dan Simmons’ Illium but also by games like Homeworld, Eufloria, Starcraft or Faster Than Light.


evouring Stars has an extremely interesting premise. You’re the god Chaos, and you’re tasked with ordering a group of smaller gods to swallow the stars.

It features some gorgeous art and plenty of challenging scenarios that’ll have you scratching your head.

Across the universe

You draw a line on the screen which your gods will follow, and use this to direct them towards the stars you want them to devour.

Some stars are quite difficult to swallow though, so you’ll have to be clever with your approach.

The campaign allows for different styles of play.Clever players will find a way to lure stars into attacking one another, while others will create a massive army capable of conquering anything.


What a tale to be told

There’s more than just clever gameplay to be had here though. The narrative is incredibly interesting, and is drip-fed to you as you complete each level.

The bottom line

DevouringStarsis a clever play on the strategy genre that will keep you coming back for more – particularly to test out the numerous different ways with which you can play. Couple that with an interesting narrative and you’ve got a real keeper.

Game: Devouring Stars | 4.99$ | Universal app | Download


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