Descendants REVIEW

Descendants REVIEW

Description :

Do you think that the school – it’s boring? Just not when at adjacent desks you sit the children of the great heroes and villains! Mel, Ivy, Jay, Carlos and other unusual friends are waiting for you in the mobile game “Heirs” based on the new movie channel Disney. Create your own stylish avatar, heroes perform tasks, explore the most mysterious corners of the kingdom and become a legend of the prestigious school Auradona.


After the initial setup, our hero finds himself in the magical school. Communication with the first character gives to understand basic principles of the game. The child has to cope with everything without any problems. Gameplay abounds dialogue, which will be very useful melenko gamers. Sometimes you have to choose one of the options, which, unfortunately, is not particularly affect the development of the plot. The only thing that can change – attitude to your other characters, however, about any anger or loss of confidence in the question. Everything can be recovered in the very next dialog.


As you progress through opening new locations. Drawn all very bright and colorful, kids do not get bored. Many places will be familiar to anyone who watched the movie. Navigating the site requires skill and memory of places and names. Each character tries to arrange a meeting on the other side of the school, naming only one landmark to find the place is not difficult, but the memory while podtreniruetsya.

Few shalturili developers to move between locations. At the time of the trip on a moped or car, we show a modest animation vehicle movement from one point to another. No one is asking to do an interactive process, but could draw a picture of a little brighter. The same applies to built-in mini-games. All of them are one way. To perform most of the tasks necessary to search for a point on the screen and press the right amount of time. The first few quests children will be with interest, but more – may get bored.

The heirs presented three game currency. Coins and medallions acquired for real money, and apples – are exchanged. Accumulate gold is not difficult, medals rarely come across, but to collect them as possible. Apples are responsible for the strength of character and consumed in the performance of tasks. When the fruits have run out or wait a certain time, or to give a little bit of accumulated resources. As a virtual wealth is spent on odezhku hero, which opens as it passes. Play without the financial investment is possible.

As a result, Disney received a revelation simple children’s game that fans will be able to retain only the eponymous film. The other players are likely to take place before the end of the first apples when you need to wait a little, and then they remember about the application.

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