Dead Island bloody first-person shooter

Dead Island bloody first-person shooter

Dead Island varied and bloody action with a first-person, which will tell how to survive a zombie invasion on the tropical island with the help of available funds.

At the mention of multiplayer action games about zombies most of the players come to mind, above all, film series Left 4 of Dead, few people talk about Dead Island. Announced the game back in 2006, the staff of Techland could catch the next wave of zombimania, but something did not grow together, and stalled development. Then in the limelight were Valve games studio. This would be an ambitious history of Dead Island and over, but in February this year, the project was resurrected and immediately caused a serious stir. During the years of forced hibernation concept of the game has not changed seriously, except that instead of the couple of heroes was four disparate characters. In their eyes, charming resort in the area of Papua – New Guinea is experiencing an epidemic, because of which the majority of Aboriginal people and tourists have turned into zombies. Where did the virus, and really can not be explained – the script just puts you face the fact that everything began walking dead. Soon it turns out that on the island there are still normal people.

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A man in a red shirt in the background will give you a first job and generously experience, money and weapons

Despite the crumpled entry, following several hours of Dead Island seems quite logical in terms of plot. Are you looking for fellow sufferers food, medicines, repair the radio and try to establish contact with the rest of the world. So long become conceited and feel like a superhero: every now and then you praise, and have to carry out tasks without any significant support. Though hardly as steep subjects, such as the former baseball star and bodyguard need help. Despite the differences in appearance, the only difference between the characters – the preference for weapons. Bits, sharpened swords and knives, hammers and hefty huge sledgehammer and guns – everyone has their favorites. You will enjoy these and many other dangerous objects on a regular basis with the exception of handguns and rifles. Guns only towards the end of the game ceases to be curiosities, and in the first half of the action, you do not shoot a single time.

Important in Dead Island – not a choice of the character, and its pumping. For each destroyed zombies and completing quests accrued experience, and for obtaining a new level adds one point to the skills. These skills more than three dozen, and they all, in one way or another, help to survive. You can make melee less tired character, then all day swing the ax zombie face. And you can learn to chop the head dead as walnuts or adapt himself to throw the machete, or bet on a firearm, so that in the later stages to feel like a king. The options are so many, another thing is that free points are sorely lacking.

Do not forget that almost everyone has escaped you order, starting with the trivial (bring a bottle of water) to the extremely responsible, for example, to save someone’s wife and child from the torment in the guise of a zombie. Some jobs get run just hours after ten commercials after a conversation with a character. In fact there are various reasons, for example, the place where you want to get is not at the resort, and the road runs through a full walking dead village. However, the reward often pays best. This is not only a precious experience and a unique weapon, but also drawings for modifications.

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To the fat man had not smeared with poisonous swill you best from afar to throw him something sharp

In Dead Island, as in many role-playing games of recent years, the enemies become stronger with you. Therefore, to win the walking dead, relying on only one pumping, it is hardly possible. It is necessary to continuously improve existing weapons and seek a new one. It is useful to take a walk around the neighborhood and collect unnecessary at first sight stuff, find a bench, use the drawings and build out a machete, tape, two batteries and a skein of wires lethal device. Curious modifications exist not only for lovers of electricity, but also for the pyromaniac. They recommend that we fire ax, which after small improvements ignites enemies, and for sports fans is a bit with a dozen nails especially good. But the most notorious sadists have to taste modified baton blows which cause bleeding zombies terrible.

The combat system – the main advantage of Dead Island. The last time such a desperate and tough melee mode with a first-person meeting in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. However, Dead Island confident ahead of her here with a convincing crunch their hands cut off, who are drawn to you once a rotting corpse, sickle famously demolished head other infected, and in the womb of the third with a nasty zombies champ disappears studded with nails bit. And on the stage, when deprived of hands goof zombie trying to “gore” your head, I want to distort his shoulders. The game is very cruel to the user: in the later stages is only linger as you devour a couple of seconds, and it is not an exaggeration. Fortunately, in advance Techland all provided and did not seem to die end of the world – you just lose some of the found currencies.

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Weapons in Dead Island must be constantly repaired, but it is not destroyed all of the dozen strokes, as in Dead Rising

Zombies in Dead Island – no whipping boys: even the most ordinary clumsy dead briskly straightened with a hero. Later, when there are particularly active instances or bumpkin, his invulnerability resembling a tank, the life of the hero at times measured in seconds. Those who want to survive longer, you need to show remarkable ingenuity and reaction. And this is only the beginning, after some time to join this celebration the death of exploding Zombies spitting acid, fat men, as well as fast, “witches” from gnawed to the bone arms, which they use as daggers. Start the adventure on a sunny tropical resort, you will continue to struggle with the dead come alive on the streets of the coastal town, and later find yourself in the thick jungle and full of dangers. The program also includes a visit to a secret lab and prisons, shootouts with looters, and even a visit to the leader almost extinct tribe.

Of course, Dead Island is not without drawbacks: seriously bother technical roughness, like a belated loaded textures. The plot is present, apparently for show and does not cause any emotions. His final reserves at a loss and in fact negates all efforts to rescue the survivors of the player. However, in terms of game mechanics Dead Island has been very busy. Conduct in the company of her vacation – not the worst option. The fact that the local beaches filled zombies, only stirs interest.

Dead Island Gameplay

Dead Island Definitive Edition All Cutscenes

Dead Island Walkthrough: Chapter 1

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