Cops & Robbers! REVIEW

Cops & Robbers! REVIEW

Description :

They say that Crime doesn’t pay… Well try it for yourself! How far can you go?
In Cops & Robbers your goal is to steal as many gold coins as you can while avoiding being caught by the police.

Tons of different disguises, characters and partners in crime to unlock, each with their unique style and special moves.

Bump into unsuspecting passers-by for some extra gold and collect power-ups to help you in your crime wave.

Simple One Touch controls make this arcade game fun, challenging and totally addictive.

Play With Your Friends in endless Turn Base Multiplayer mode. Challenge them in direct online battles to see who is the ultimate master of crime!

In the end we all know that Crime doesn’t pay and sooner or later you’ll be locked up. The question is how far can you go before your criminal days are over!


Studio Boombit released its arcade next product that received the name «Cops and Robbers!». At this time the developers migrate users that, in principle, it is clear from the title, at the epicenter of the conflict between the criminal world and the guardians of order – we also had the honor to take the dark side of it.

Cops & Robbers! REVIEW

You play as a recidivist offender and for which there is a unique opportunity to the financial enrichment – a robbery and robbery. Making the protagonist, in principle, nothing else is not able, however, in its criminal profile, he is a true maestro. Our main objective – is stealing the gold, which is the main and the only currency in the game Cops and Robbers.

Gaming locations is a free space in which to move as our character, and other units. Among all the other figures we are most interested in some local authority which moves only in the presence of guards. This gray-haired uncle downright squanders money, they-and we need to pick up. Action is needed quickly, as direct contact with the representatives of the law does not promise us nothing but prison life. The game also has another company guardians of the law, and if the money bag on the location moves impressively at ease and where to fit, then these guys will chase only for your figure. The game also has a casual passers-by, their task – always confused beneath our feet, making it difficult to rotate their greedy escapade.


Earn gold you can spend on buying new characters, the acquisition of which is changing not only the appearance of the protagonist, but his mechanics behavior, and visual design of the game board. Seeing the price of the heroes, I was a bit shocked: a bunch of gold brings you 2 or three coins, while the average cost of new characters exceeds several thousand coins. Later I found out that the longer you can go unpunished, the greater the cash pile. Thus, the one game session can really make a serious amount.
But this would be very difficult to play without bonuses. They appear in the game in a large amount and divided into three types:
– Horn – makes all the units in the game to stand still for some time, allowing to choose carefully scattered gold.
– Pistol – causes all units to go beyond the game space, which is also completely clearing the area and greatly facilitates the thieves your activities.
– Cap – the most popular and effective in the game bonus, which makes you completely invulnerable for a certain time.

Cops & Robbers! REVIEW

Studio Boombit managed to release another successful product, which climbed very high in casual top. Cops and Robbers – really fun and dynamic game, in which, as in other products of the developer, also has a multiplayer mode over the network and using Apple TV. The only strange moment for me – a mechanical movement bought the characters. They are all very fast, but absolutely maneuverable, so it’s best to play for a standard avatar protagonist.

Game: Cops & Robbers! | Free | Universal app | Download


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