Color Tower REVIEW

Color Tower REVIEW

Description :

Color Tower game idea is adopted from classic game Stackopolis.If you like playing stackopolis you will love Color Tower.

Color Tower is a colored block building game. In the lower left corner a blueprint is given in each level that needs to be constructed.
You can move a brick by selecting it with a tap and move it to the another place by tapping where you want it to go. In this way you replace the bricks until you have constructed the plan as shown on the blueprint and there is no Time Limit.You can play the game at your own pace.

Its a great time killer for those who just want to relax and complete the puzzle, and a perfect challenge for those who like to complete it faster than others or in less moves than others. Compete in speed or accuracy or both with your friends and thousands of Game Center Color Tower Players.


Most recently I found in the App Store game Color Tower, which was released by the publishing house unknown Indie Developer Tanu Kush. The product is implemented in a few old-school style, and now it’s not about pixel graphic design, but the manner of the delivery of possession of matter. In my opinion, the game is not devoid of originality.

Color Tower REVIEW

The mobile game industry is going through hard times. No one wants to invent anything new, much easier “okazualit” any genre, and it is much easier to fit under a single-button interaction. All this means that today we have to settle for arcade racing, arcade fighting game and it’s in the best case. No better situation with puzzles – everything is so bad that the game genre of three-in-a-row is now referred to as the logic of the game and it is very unfair.

In this regard, on the Color Tower is nothing bad to say impossible – this is a real puzzle game in which success depends entirely on the intellectual qualities of the player. In this game, we need to place colored tiles into place, guided by the predetermined game location.


During game play on the bottom platform will be located with a regular arrangement of tiles. Just above it is the very playing field on which the tiles are scattered completely randomly. Our task – multicolored tile move from place to place so that their position coincides with the example below.

With each level tiled design will become higher, and the game will be added to the new colors, so that’s complexity will increase significantly. The number of actions needed to pass the level and the elapsed time will be counted, which allows users to try if you want to improve your performance in each level.

Color Tower REVIEW

The game does not provide any restrictions: no time limits, ratings and trophies, absolutely all levels are open initially. It adds Color Tower has more similarities with the old-school games in which we had to play in a distant youth, when we knew nothing about the modern gaming industry, and in-game purchases free games, monetiziruemyh by advertising. The game costs just $0.99.

Game: Color Tower | 0.99$ | Universal app | Download


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