Clash of Kings How to obtain resources


There are several types of resources. Resources used for the construction and leveling of buildings, as well as military training.

Army consumes a certain amount of food per hour, leaving food on her keeping you constantly lose.

There are several ways to obtain the necessary resources. The first and easiest way – the construction of sawmills and farms, with their help extract wood and food. On 10 and 15 at the castle will be able to build an iron and Mithril Mines.

Rob other players. Look for abandoned castles, which has no army and traps, they can attack without a loss. If near you have such a lock, it can become a good manger.

You can go to a more interesting way. Get a second lock for the production of resources. Build and Suck it only farms and sawmills. Periodically attacking him and collect resources, or join in one alliance, and simply share resources. The remaining money can be spent on resources, and pick them up at the right time.


Gather resources on the map. Remember, your soldiers can attack during the gathering.

The resources given as rewards for completing quests. Do not take them all at once, it makes no sense to overflow warehouse and feed the army, activate when you need to upgrade, train troops or treat.

Do not forget to go to the harbor, to use the well wishes and turn the wheel of fortune in the tavern. In the well wishes, it is desirable to choose the steel, so the rest can be and so to get easily. Steel can be used in the forge.

Destroy monsters – in addition to experience with them drop necessary food and materials for construction.

Always keep objects in stocks of resources. They can not be a prey, it can be activated instantly at the right time. Do not waste them in vain, reserved for times when they are really useful.

All collected, received and activated resources get to the warehouse. In this case, they can not be a prey. At first, the volume of the warehouse will be sufficient for the needs of the castle.

If the amount of food will drop to 0, then the army did not happen. Do not feed the army waste, use resources only for development.

Food for upgrade gather in the least, as it will be continuously consumed army. With your growing army of her appetite, and if at the beginning of the game it is not noticeable, the high levels of food will simply escape from the repository.

Resources are not collected from the field, you can loot. Keep this in mind when attack and defense.

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